Projeto Codeby: Conheça o site da Lego Education

Codeby Project: Meet the Lego Education Website

Everyone has had a Lego to call their own, either as a child or as an adult, Lego toys make fans around the world.

Founded in 1932, the company values quality in everything it does, because it believes that playing is a key element in the development and growth of children, so the toys stimulate the imagination and creation of ideas and expression.

For more than 35 years, Lego has partnered with educators to offer playful learning solutions that help students succeed.

The Scenario

MCsaab, the official distributor of Lego Education here in Brazil, saw the need for a website just for this educational project. This is because it recently started offering Lego Education certification for Brazilian teachers.

To make the solution more accessible to the public, the brand needed to start a national site and sought our assistance to produce it.

The project

We did this project quickly, as the brand chose to use the brand's official website as a base. As our team produced the other site, developing this one was a no-brainer.

The choice of the layout was made to maintain the standard between the brand's sites around the world, and offer the same experience no matter where in the globe the client is.

The development

We used a few features to provide a simplified and easy to use experience.

Responsive Banner - We use responsive banners, to adapt to any type of screen the customer uses to access the site.

Advanced Search - This feature allows the search by product to have complete results on the same landing page.

Smart Minicart - It is a feature written in VUEJS, which makes the interactive buying process possible. With an intelligent cart, the customer is informed about freight calculation, discount coupons or stock status.


The result is a simple site that follows the same experience of the brand's sites, but with some features that enhance the user experience and facilitate the search and purchase.

Get to know the new site: