Projeto Codeby: Implementação do site mobile da Cia Marítima

Projeto Codeby: Implementation of Cia Marítima's mobile site

Who has never heard of the largest beachwear company in Brazil? Cia Marítima is a company founded in 1990 and is part of Grupo Rosset. The brand stands out in the beachwear sector for creating concepts and not only producing bikinis.

Each collection develops new fabrics and exclusive models that make reference in all the beaches of the country. During all these years, Cia Marítima has established a unique standard of quality, besides perfect modeling and a lot of information on beach fashion presented in glamorous fashion shows, the brand has become a reference for the fashion world and brings in its trajectory a lot of success.

The brand can be found in more than 1000 points of sale, besides the official website that brings the news that I am here to tell you about.

Now, Cia Marítima has an entire mobile version made especially for the site.

The mobile version was integrated thanks to Vmob 2, which is a platform where the process of creating a layout, up to the programming and implementation of the mobile site is done with the installation of our tool, transforming the site into mobile quickly.

It was a simple project, in a few hours the implementation of the mobile version was done in a functional and practical way and the layout was customized according to the client's identity.

The platform is very useful for those who do not want to invest much in the mobile site, but want to have a quality product. The only requirement is to use the VTEX platform!

Did you like the new project?

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