Projeto Codeby: Novo site da Iódice em VTEX CMS

Codeby Project: New Iódice website on VTEX CMS

Iódice website has a new look - CODEBY PROJECT

Do you know Iódice? The clothing brand, consolidated in the Brazilian fashion market and recognized for its design, sophistication and quality, is Codeby's new client.

Iódice counted on us to develop a new, faster and more modern site. And for us, given mission is mission accomplished! \ O /

In addition to the scheme Developed by the Design Team of the brand, we brought New Features and plugins. Check it out:

- Plugin for sending your client ahead of the news, using Master Data;
- Notification plugin, with master data;
- Buy together in Vue;
- Vines queue in the form of master data;
- Fully responsive site.

You can check out the complete work at a nd see other work by Codeby at .