Projeto Codeby: Novo site da marca Body for Sure

Codeby Project: New website for the brand Body for Sure

Body for Sure has a new website experience

In 1986, in São Paulo, the first Body for Sure appeared on the floors of Runner Academy. The store was a pioneer in the fitness market and emerged with the objective of meeting the needs of people who look for sportswear and styles with more comfort and quality.

Body for Sure wants to embrace much more than the fitness world of gyms, the brand wants to be part of the lifestyle, to be together in the most diverse scenarios, present in each athlete's overcoming, inspiring each attitude and of course, with great comfort.

With all this energy the new site comes with a series of attitudes and care so that the customer has the best experience since the first moment and still corresponding to the other Rosset group sites.

To complete the fully interactive layout, we use tools that enrich the time the customer spends on the site, they are:

  • List of plugins
  • Product Colors (Shelf with color and size that facilitate the purchase)
  • Zoom Plugin in the Custom Product Page with slide
  • Responsive Layout
  • Check out the page
  • Visit to live this new experience!

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