Projeto Codeby: Novo site Lego Education Brasil

Codeby Project: New Lego Education Brasil Website

Visit the Lego Education Website

Everyone has had a Lego to call their own, whether as a child or an adult, Lego toys make fans all over the world.

Founded in 1932, the company places great value on quality in everything it does, believing that play is a key element in the development and growth of children, so the toys stimulate the imagination and create ideas and expressions.

For over 35 years, Lego has partnered with educators to offer playful learning solutions that help students achieve success, all of which brings Lego Education, Codeby's new project.

MCsaab, the official distributor of Lego Education here in Brazil, saw the need for a site just for this educational project. This is because it recently started offering the Lego Education certification for Brazilian teachers.

We made this project, quickly and without major changes to the brand's official site here in Brazil, which was inspired by the American site. For the project, the brand wanted to maintain the standard layout between sites to offer the same experience to all customers. The resources used for the Lego Education were:

  • Responsive banner
  • Advanced search
  • Minicart plugin

Check it out:

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