Projeto Codeby: Implementação de e-commerce VTEX - Pharma.Co

Projeto Codeby: Implementation of VTEX e-commerce - Pharma.Co

Segment: Pharmacy

Category: VTEX CMS B2C

Goal: July 2020


  • Increase in organic website traffic by 100% after golive;
  • First content display in 1.3 s on desktop and 2.9 s on mobile;
  • Speed index in 3.1 s on desktop and 4 s on mobile;
  • Time to interactivity in 3.2 s on desktop and 5.3 s on mobile.
  • SEO score of 100

The scenario

The Integralmédica group is a long-time Codeby client, so they counted on our team to develop the e-commerce of their new brand. The main goal of the project was to deliver the site in only 15 days. For this, we used our E-commerce Framework solution, where we developed an MVP for further evolution, thus delivering another successful project.

Project objectives

  • Development of the first e-commerce site for the brand
  • Responsive website suitable for mobile devices
  • MVP creation and subsequent evolution
  • Goal in 15 days

About the company

Pharma Co. was born as the pharmacy division of Integralmédica Group, which conquered the national leadership in sports nutrition during its 35 years of history.

With the incorporation of Pharma Co, the group adds solutions for sports performance, longevity and well being to its catalogue.

Read more about this case in our blog.

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