Projeto Codeby: Implantação de e-commerce VTEX CMS - Eskala

Projeto Codeby: VTEX CMS e-commerce implementation - Eskala

Segment: Fashion

Category: VTEX B2C

Go live: June 2020


  • Desktop loading in 2.5 seconds
  • Mobile loading in 3 seconds
  • Site fully optimized for SEO

The scenario

With the crisis scenario we are living, it was necessary to accelerate the plans for digital transformation of the brand, since most of its sales were made in physical stores. The brand sought our assistance to develop its first e-commerce site, with go-live in just 15 days.

Project objectives

  • Implementation of VTEX CMS
  • Optimization of user experience through functionality
  • Responsive mobile friendly site
  • Increased site performance
  • Development of an MVP for further evolution

About Eskala

Founded in 1974, Eskala started its history with the fashion market, offering style with affordable prices and quality products. The brand has 34 stores spread throughout the states of São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Goiânia, and Rio de Janeiro with the purpose of generating smiles through fashion.

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