Projeto Codeby - Novo site da Camisaria Colombo

Projeto Codeby - New website for Camisaria Colombo

Ideal website for a smart store

For more than 100 years, Camisaria Colombo has been conquering the world of Brazilian men's fashion with its clothes for everyday life, work, and leisure.

Known as the ideal brand for the intelligent man, Camisaria Colombo brings comfort, practicality, and quality in its clothes.

With the proposal of meeting the needs of the modern man, the brand offers accessibility through the online store, which went through a revamp in its design and structure to become a faster site and a more fluid experience for the client.

The Scenario

Camisaria Colombo's operation is in broad growth within the fashion sector.According to the 39th Webshopers, the Fashion and Accessories category was responsible for 5.6% of online retail sales last year.

To keep up with the high representation of the fashion category, the brand decided to deal with the performance problems of its e-commerce that were negatively influencing the customer experience and, consequently, harming its commercial indicators.

The Project

The project aimed to develop a new website, with a modern layout, well laid out information and more current features.

The main focus of this project was to improve the site's performance by customizing user navigation.

The Development

Besides the creation of a new layout that was totally responsive and intuitive, some features were added to make the client's navigation more personalized and dynamic.

Being customization one of the biggest reasons for a new site, we opted to give the client freedom when navigating the site's pages through some added functionalities, such as:

Grid View - We use this functionality so that the client can choose as many products as he wants to see per line, remaining throughout the navigation on the site.

The differential of this functionality is that the client has the option to choose the most comfortable way for his navigation, stimulating consumption on the site.

Dynamic Login - With this functionality, the user has contact to different information when he clicks the login button. When logged in, the customer can access his profile, manage the registered addresses, track orders or manage the list of desired products. When not logged in, the customer has the options to make a registration, track orders, and access the list of products added as favorites.

To facilitate navigation on the site, we also made use of some features that allow the customer to find products and information more easily on the new site, were added:

Custom Search - This allows the customer to search for products of interest and get more details about the product as well as higher quality images directly from the site's search bar.

Product Highlight - So that the customer focuses on other products on the shelf, those that have already been added to the cart are marked on the shelf, preventing the customer from accidentally buying the same product twice.

Functionality that generates a notification at the time of purchase, for the customer to select size and quantity options, all together with the buy button. This validation prevents the customer from buying products of the wrong size or color, reducing demands for returns and exchanges.

Automatic product recommendation - Thinking about the case where the product is unavailable on the site, we applied this functionality to recommend products of the same category, size or color. In this case, we used native API's of the VTEX platform and simplified the process.


Colombo now has a fluid navigation site, with a well-designed purchasing process and options to customize the site according to the tastes of each customer.

One of the differentials of this project, is the total size of the site that before had 1.6MB and now, through file mitification and a well written code, the site has only 900kb in its total size, thus improving the response time and loading pages.

All features used in this project are available in our plugin store, where you can purchase them without the need to close a project.

Now, if you like it and want to be our next success story, please contact us below. Here dreams come true.

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