Projeto Codeby: Um site para um futuro só de IDA

Codeby Project: A Site for an IDA-only Future

IDA was born from the initiative of a group of women who support causes related to the world, fashion, and life.

One of the main pillars of the brand is its concern for the environment, and for this reason they encourage, through their pieces, conscious and responsible consumption without losing the sensitivity and beauty of the pieces.

The brand is new, but it is part of the WBG Retail group which has been promoting the fashion, decoration, and life style market for over 5 years.


IDA enters the fashion market in 2019, betting on consumer awareness, manifesting in its timeless launch line (which will not go out of print) the concern with environmental and social issues that involve mass production.

With these motivations and willingness to start that the brand opted for e-commerce.

The Project

Our team has been a partner of the WBG Retail Group for some time, so we were chosen to give life to the new project that supports so many causes related to the world.

In this project we developed a store from scratch on the VTEX platform. The goal was to convey all the lightness of a conscious fashion and the seriousness of the movement in an elegant design prepared by the brand's professionals, added to a well-structured code focused on performance.


Initially our team paid attention to offering the best mobile experience, so we used the Mobile First technique, prioritizing the construction of the mobile architecture and following it to desktops.

For this, it was essential to use a Responsive Banner System to load banners that are compatible with each screen resolution, avoiding the messy appearance that some sites get when accessed on mobile, for example.

Focusing on the user experience, we applied the Lazy load technique to the banners, shelves and product pages, which allows to postpone the initialization of images until it is necessary for the client (when scrolling the page, for example).

To personalize the user's navigation, we created a 100% personalized account, which shows different information if logged in or not. In addition, in the Account Dropdown, when logged in the customer has access to his account information, lists and orders placed.

To finish, we customized the native VTEX checkout, customizing the page and delivering the same visual experience that the site provides.

A few features were used in this project, including:

API Search: This functionality allows the client to search for a product through the site search and have complete results on the same page. We customize it according to the client's need.

Minicart with animations: A feature written in VUEJS, which makes it possible to make the buying process much more interactive. With an intelligent cart, the customer is informed about freight calculation, discount coupons or stock status.

WishlistWishlist: The wishlist enables the customer to add products to a specific wishlist. With this feature installed, the customer can save products of interest and have access to the wishes saved on the site, whenever he is logged into his personal account.


IDA starts its operations with an elegant and modern site, with great performance on desktops and mobile devices, the loading speed of the site is less than 1 second on desktops and 2 seconds on mobile devices.

The brand now has a 100% customized site focused on performance, starting its operations using the management options that the VTEX platform provides.

The result can be seen at:

We wish this movement success ♥

And if you feel inspired by this project, contact our team and learn how to make your dream of a new website come true.

Remember that the features used in this project are available on our Plugins page, where you can purchase only the functionality you want.

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