Projeto Codeby: Novo Site da Motorola UK

Codeby Project: New Motorola UK Website on VTEX IO

For over 80 years in the market, Motorola was the pioneer in the mobile communications industry, inventing most of the protocols and technologies that enable communications around the world today.

Its origin is marked by the constant search for new ways to solve problems and even today, the brand has not lost its essence of making people's lives better, through mobility.


Motorola is a highly regarded brand in the technology and telecommunications market not only in the United States but worldwide. We see its products for sale in major online and offline retailers, but knowing that there is an audience that prefers to buy directly from the brand, Motorola felt the need to evolve its e-commerce to serve more efficiently.

The site was beautiful and technological, but the platform used did not offer the appropriate support that an e-commerce of a large and globally recognized brand needed.

The project

The brand sought our assistance to migrate the e-commerce site to the VTEX platform, using vtex's new web application development platform.

This project had as its main objective the platform migration, aiming to expand the e-commerce operations of the brand and mainly to have control over this process in an easier way.

The development

The first step for this project was to transform the old website into something suitable for use with the VTEX platform. After the migration was done, we started to create the structure behind the e-commerce with vtex IO which made it possible to use React to make the development faster and easier.

Our team created a standard theme for the brand that works as a base for other sites around the world. Within this theme, we created an adm panel with fields defined especially for the site and that can be consulted whenever necessary. This panel had the objective of saving time in development in the short, medium and long term.

We used the single page application technique, a common characteristic in Java Scrip based frames (like React), making it possible to load the entire site when accessing the home page.

We also created some new features for this project, these are:

Extended Warranty: We added a page before check out for specific products offering the customer the extended warranty.

Address validation: This functionality is available on the Motorola USA site, since every delivery address there needs to be validated with delivery agencies like Fedex. The feature is used to validate the delivery addresses that the customer registers on the site through Golink. When the address is not correct and the customer does not change it, the product is returned to stock.

B2B Purchases: When the customer purchases more than 10 items of the same product, this purchase is automatically characterized as a B2B purchase and communicates to the customer that it is necessary to change the sales channel to make the purchase.

Employee Discount: All Motorola or Lenovo employees have discounts on branded products. We created a feature to add the discount if the registered e-mail is corporate.


Because vtex IO is a new technology in the market, our team was tasked with training the entire Motorola e-commerce team so that they had the autonomy to make maintenance and changes whenever necessary.

A member of our team went to India to deliver the training to the team of 20 people. It was a challenge to be overcome due to language barriers, but around here mission given is mission accomplished.

In the training, besides explaining what vtex io is and how to use the platform, techniques were passed on on how to

  • Use the theme developed;
  • How to create new features to extend the site;
  • Creating applications within the platform
  • Creating new components

The result

Motorola now has a site fully adapted for e-commerce with scalable operations.

With the platform migration, the brand now has the channel management and processes available in the vtex platform itself, which provides much more comfort and convenience for e-commerce demands.

After the structuring of the pages through the single page application technique, the site interactivity, content, and loading speed does not exceed 1 second.

Moreover, we ensured through our training, that the Motorola team could work smoothly with the new platform and make maintenance and create new elements whenever necessary.

The theme we created for Motorola is already being used in Motorola projects in the UK, Spain, Germany and is expected to be implemented in over 32 countries.

You can see the result at:

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