Novo site Dux Nutrition: Tecnologia de ponta para o novo site da marca.

New Dux Nutrition website: State-of-the-art technology for the brand's new website.

Since 2015, DUX Nutrition has been in the market, offering cutting-edge nutritional technology to empower people to overcome their human limits.

The nutritional supplement brand values the taste and quality of its products. Its founders believe that these two characteristics are closely linked to the success of their products, because they do not give up flavor to obtain quality.

Through rigorously tested development, the brand obtains products that are effective for the body and pleasant to the palate, and offers this range of options on its website, which has a new look.

The Scenario

DUX is a well known brand in the food supplement market, known for the high level of its food. However, when accessing the old site, the user did not have access to all the credibility that the brand has.

The customer did not have access to nutritional information of the products, something extremely important for the brand's segment. In addition, the prices were not visible during the purchase and the action buttons were not in well used places, which considerably decreased the purchase intention and prevented the site from having the ideal performance.

The Project

The brand sought our assistance to develop a totally new website, with more current aesthetic standards and that would highlight the relevant product information.

The main focus of this project was to deliver a site focused on performance and elevate the user experience by offering comfort when accessing on different devices and mainly redesign the site's journey, making the moment of purchase more practical and uncomplicated.


To make the site navigation more fluid, our team redesigned the entire code structure, making it clean and focused on light and well conducted experiences.

To do this, it was necessary to redesign the customer journey through the site, through a rigorous analysis of the most difficult points for users. With access to this data, it was possible to redistribute information strategically, thus offering a fluid and uncomplicated journey.

For this project, the use of the VTEX platform was primordial, as we were able to have more freedom in adding customized functionalities and innovative features that would make a difference in the final result of the project. The following were used

  • Mini cart: For this project we opted for a model that allowed us to change the quantity, apply coupons and calculate shipping costs based on postal code areas.
  • CheckoutVTEX: Our team developed a fully customized checkout within the VTEX platform to keep the visual experience of the site present until checkout.
  • LazyLoad technique: To optimize the loading time of some pages, we used the Lazy Loads technique, which consists of loading content only when it is requested by the user. We added it to the banners on the home page and on the product shelves to guarantee speed.
  • GridView - The gridview system used in this project allows you to switch pages without leaving the selected grid.
  • Nutritional Table - One of the main points of this project was to provide the customer with relevant information about the products. This way, we created a specification field in the product register so that information could be added and later transformed into tables available to the customer.
  • Content on the product page - All product pages have customized fields where information about formulas, curiosities, and indications for use are added. This is essential for the site's ranking in search engines.

In addition, we added reviews in 3 levels (star rating, recommendation and comment) about the product. We also added a custom field for each product with frequently asked questions through the trustvox tool, greatly enriching the customer experience.

  • Navigation - To improve navigation and the site's search system, we added intelligent filters on the search, category and department pages, so that the customer can customize his search according to his needs. And this is also present in the top menu, so the customer stays on top of the news in each product category.
  • Site responsiveness - The new brand site also has a mobile version, and to ensure a better experience, we added a responsive banner system, which loads a different banner for each screen resolution.
  • And more: Product page with color select made by API; 100% customized account; Account dropdown with account information and orders.


DUX now has a totally modern website thanks to the choice of layout and the functionalities added to improve the user experience on all types of devices.

After the structure and new content strategy in the product pages, the site had a 100% increase in organic traffic with only one month after the goalive.

The brand migrated from an insufficiently dynamic site, with insufficient information and a confusing buying journey, to a more modern concept, with detailed information and a buying journey studied by our UX specialists. Thus ensuring a site with high performance, beautiful and useful to the customer.

The result you can check out at

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