Projeto Codeby: Pizza Hut Mexico e El Salvador

Project Codeby: Pizza Hut Mexico and El Salvador

Pizza Hut is a restaurant and franchise chain specializing in pizza, pasta, and has millions of fans around the world.

The world's largest pizza chain also played a significant role in the first online shopping, making one of the world's first transactions using an email ordering system and delivering to California.
Today, the chain has websites for online ordering in large parts of the world, offering the delivery experience and especially respecting delivery time and customer satisfaction.

Pizza Hut sought our help in developing the brand's websites and delivery systems for Mexico and El Salvador. The main objective of the project was to reduce the response time of the orders on the platform and to facilitate the navigation and convenience of the customer at the time of ordering.

One of the difficulties encountered by Pizza Hut was the platform's response to the requests made.

In order to facilitate the navigation and deliver convenience to the user, Codeby developed some functionalities especially for this project for Pizza Hut Mexico and El Salvador websites.

  • We implemented the following functionalities:
  • Using VueJS, the SPA application was run on VTEX;
  • We offered localization and internationalization;
  • Network store locator;
  • The delivery system, in-store pick-up and dine in;
  • Product assembly within VTEX;
  • A system that allows orders only during store hours;
  • Order scheduling option;
  • Construction of promotions.

It was necessary to integrate the Pizza Hut VTEX and Webservice Platform systems. We created an administrative panel, with the intention of showing all the correctly integrated orders and the integration time of each one.
With a custom API for Pizza Hut, it was possible to calculate the arrival time of the products ordered by the site and activate and deactivate stores and products of the chain.

The projects are already online and you can check them out:

- Mexico:
- El Salvador: