Projeto Codeby - Sinta-se em casa no novo site da Spicy.

Codeby Project - Feel at home on Spicy's new website.

Operating since 1996 in specialized retail, Spicy has become a synonym for Kitchen, Table and Bar with its more than 30 stores present in Brazil's main capitals.

The brand is recognized for combining design, quality, and functionality in household utensils. After all, people have become more focused on taking care of their homes, turning their spaces into opportunities for socializing and rediscovering the pleasure of cooking.

The scenario

In the last decade, there has been a growing interest in themes related to gastronomy, design and functionality. This led many consumers interested in utensils to search for novelties in specialized sites.

However, when accessing Spicy's website, the user was faced with an old looking site, not very functional and with poor usability, which ended up causing low conversion rates.

The project

The brand came to us with a challenge that we immediately accepted: to do a project from scratch in only 1 week.

Besides the tight deadline, the focus of the project was to deliver a high-performance and elegant website that would deliver the brand's new concept.

The development

This project had the differential of using our E-commerce Framework for building stores on the VTEX Platform. With it it was possible to maintain the deadline of one week due to the ease it offers in the development of sites.

In short, the E-commerce Framework is a platform for building and customizing an e-commerce store using the drag and drop concept. In it, there are pre-designed components for each section of an e-commerce store and the user can drag the objects and build each of the pages (home page, product page, cart, etc) in minutes.

After this is done, our programmers develop the store according to the sketch prepared on the platform and customize it with the functionalities chosen by the client.

This was the option that best fit the client's needs, due to the short deadline for site development. For the site's navigability, some functionalities created by our team were added:

  • Minicart - A feature written in VUEJS, which makes the purchasing process much more interactive. With an intelligent cart, the customer is informed about freight calculation, discount coupons or stock status.
  • Free shipping bar at checkout - This freight bar works within the checkout process, reminding the customer how much is left to get the Free Shipping benefit. This feature is great for influencing the customer to want to earn the benefit by making more purchases in the store.
  • Wishlist - Wishlist enables the customer to add products to a specific wishlist. With this feature installed, the customer can save products of interest and have access to the wishes saved on the site, whenever they are logged into their personal account.
  • Video on product page - As the brand works with functional utensils, we chose to put video on the product page to deliver more information about the item to the customer.
  • Automatic product flag, activated by start and end date - this feature was added thinking about the promotions that the brand will promote on its site.


The project was delivered within the stipulated deadline and now Spicy has a more modern and elegant website, with basic functionality that adds to the user experience.

Compared to the old site, the brand had an increase of 150% in its organic accesses after the golive.

The brand migrated from an old site with several errors in the structure, to a site with a more elegant concept, with relevant information to the client and fluid navigability. In this project, time and organization were two factors that went together until the end and we are proud to deliver another project on time and with excellent quality.

Check out this project:

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