Projeto social Codeby: Arredondar! Eu sei que você pensou em arredondar!

Codeby social project: Round up! I know you thought about rounding!

Did You Know There Are Places That Take The Total Amount Of Your Purchase And Convert Those Cents Into Generosity?

Did you know that there are places that accept the total amount of your purchase and convert those extra cents into generosity?

This started with the Rounding Movement that innovated in creating ways for collective cooperation and generating a great social impact. The movement has already helped 32 ngos and the coolest thing is that you can help at different places and times without having to take the time to do it.

We get on this wave

Honesty, friendship, and solidarity are just some of the principles adopted here at Codeby, which strictly follows the Bushidô code. We respect a lot those who are willing to help others, because we believe that this way life gets lighter and the world evolves in the right way.

Codeby thought this movement was great, because it has everything to do with our principles; we like to help everyone, and when we can do this in a way that brings technology, innovation, and solutions, we feel complete.

We have embraced this movement with an open heart, because we want to spread this idea so that as many people as possible are reached by this ideology and have more chances to participate in this great help to society.

Therefore, we offered to create the first Arredondar plugin within the VTEX platform to be added to the websites of its partner brands. With it, at the moment of purchase the customer has the option to add the rounding to the total amount and help NGOs that care for the lives of many needy people.

Now, in addition to the physical stores, the movement is also present in online stores, so there is no excuse not to participate in this movement that aims for a better future.

How does it work?

Every purchase you make at one of the movement's partner brands, you can round up the value of your bill. The rounding can vary from 0.01 to 0.99 cents in "broken" values, and in full values the rounding is 1.00.

For example, if the value is R$ 18.60 you can round it up to R$ 19.00 and these R$0.40 cents are collected and donated to various institutions that help society to be better.

It may not seem like much, but from penny to penny you can make millions, and when this money comes in the form of generosity it becomes a transforming force.

And you can learn more about how the movement works and how to participate, either by buying from partner brands or by being a partner, visit the website and get involved too!

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