4 erros mais comuns nos e-commerces e como evitá-los

4 most common mistakes in e-commerce and how to avoid them

The possibility of having an online store makes many entrepreneurs excited. After all, you can serve people from several regions with a reasonable investment. However, in the anxiety to put the sales site online, many end up making mistakes that hinder the growth of the store. Many of the most common mistakes in e-commerce are simple to avoid, but they still occur frequently.

Besides the carelessness with the e-commerce platform, we can notice flaws in the planning, promotion, positioning, in short, in everything related to the company. Even those who already have a physical store and migrate to the virtual environment are susceptible to errors, because e-commerce requires different care in various aspects.

Want to know the most common mistakes in e-commerce and how you can avoid them? Read on and check out the list we have prepared!

1. lack of photos

One of the crucial points for the consumer to decide to make a purchase is the variety of photos. In physical stores we can handle the products and closely analyze all the details, while in the virtual environment we only have the images and the description. So it is important that you insert images from different angles of the object.

Remember also to use a good quality camera to show the particularities of the merchandise. The best thing to do is to hire a professional at these times - in the end, this investment has a positive impact on sales volume.

2. Poorly Informed Descriptions

The description is the complement to the image. Usually, after seeing the pictures, the visitor reads the information. When you do not make clear the characteristics of the product, the consumer may contact you for more information, or worse, close the page instantly. Even if the first option happens, there is a good chance that he will give up the purchase while waiting for an answer.

Therefore, select all relevant information so as not to extend the purchasing process and discourage the potential buyer. Don't forget to show your product's differential - this should be one of the first pieces of information to appear in the description.

3. Disorganized Elements

Confusing layouts, without a logical order of distribution of the elements, is one of the main responsible for driving users away from the site immediately and one of the most common mistakes in e-commerce. In some virtual stores, just by looking at them it is already possible to see the difficulty we will have when searching for products.

A good way to avoid this is through a usability test. You should select some people and ask them to navigate the site without any interference from you. By observing them for a few minutes, it is possible to know the level of difficulty that users will face.

4. The Absence of a Newsletter

E-mail marketing is one of the most effective strategies for converting customers and building customer loyalty. Therefore, it is essential that you have a newsletter in your e-commerce platform so that people leave their contact in order to receive news. After getting the users' e-mails, you must separate them into categories and send offers compatible with each one's profile.

It is also important to send thank you messages to those who make a purchase and ask if everything went well. This way you show that you are concerned about the customer's experience and gain some points of consideration. Not to mention that this feedback is essential for you to continuously improve your services.

Choosing a good niche market and offering products in high demand is paramount to the success of your store. However, if the customer experience is not satisfactory, you run the risk of disappearing in the face of competition. Therefore, pay attention to all the details that can alienate the public and frequently monitor the performance of your e-commerce.

Now that you know some of the most common mistakes in e-commerces, how about learning the step-by-step to develop an e-commerce store?

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