5 ferramentas que ajudam a mapear o comportamento do usuário online

5 tools that help map online user behavior

With the evolution of digital marketing and, along with it, the evolution of various online tools, it has never been easier to map the user behavior of websites and e-commerce. Investigating the behavior of customers within the site is essential to point out mistakes and successes and be in constant modifications with regard to the structure, in addition to improving the metrics in general.

But do you know which tools help map online user behavior? If you want to know more about these resources, read this post to the end. In it we will present five tools that will help you better understand your customer. Check them out:

1. Google Analytics

One of the main tools to map online user behavior is Google Analytics. It offers several features that allow you to understand the entire path of the customer's navigation and, also, because it is flexible, identifies which means led this user to your page, indicating its behavior flow. Some of these features are free and others, more advanced, are paid. Check out the list below:

Page Analysis

The analysis done by this tool is similar to the one we will see in the next item: the heatmap. The on-page analysis feature shows precisely where your site receives more clicks, where people take longer, and also the places that do not receive as much attention. This is important to improve the positioning of ads and landing pages in areas close to the most clicked regions.

Scroll bar

This bar shows how many clicks the page receives as the user goes down the scroll bar of the site. So if there is a very sharp drop off at one point, it indicates that many people are leaving the site at that position. Knowing this data is important, since it is possible to position strategic elements such as links and ads above this place and thus obtain the expected response.

Bounce rate

This is the metric that indicates the rejection rate of your site. From the bounce rate it is possible to know the proportion of users who visit the site, but who, by leaving quickly, do not navigate through the other pages. To reduce this rate it is important to create a page that is more interesting and that, therefore, holds the reader's attention for longer.

2. Heatmap

Heatmap is a tool that provides a navigation overview in the form of a map. In it, the hottest places, indicated by the red color, represent the points of the site where there are more clicks, and the coldest points, represented by the green and blue colors, are areas that receive fewer views and therefore need to become more attractive.

This tool is important, because if you have problems with your site in relation to navigation or even not having such an interesting conversion rate, the map will indicate exactly where changes should be made. It is worth remembering that heatmaps are only valid for sites that already have continuous traffic and clicks and can be found on their own platforms or within other tools.

3. Clarabridge

Clarabridge offers solutions to customer strategies through data collection. This tool has a research system that investigates information from various sources, including text and images that offer a sense of audience sentiment, promoting the emergence of insights.

The main idea is to promote the business as a whole, and its approach focuses on organizing the information to pinpoint causes that lead customers to make a single click on the site and stay quickly. It is important to remember that Clarabridge offers the services via both online and software platforms and is only available in English language version.

4. Crazy Egg

This is a paid tool and its price varies according to the package contracted. Crazy Egg offers functionalities similar to Google Analytics and among its main features are heatmaps. Here are some of the features of this tool that can greatly improve your site.


This is a feature used to identify and differentiate the behavior of users based on the origin of their visitation. This means that it can pinpoint exactly if the readers found the site through Google, Facebook, and can show the specifics of each of these visitors, such as how long they stay on the site or where they click.


The overlay provides a complete report of the number of clicks on each element of your site. The advantage of this feature is that it tells you exactly which targeting links are most effective for getting results.


This feature, similar to heatmap, provides a visual representation of the amount of time users spend accessing each section of your page. Scrollmap uses a color scale where lighter colors represent the areas where access took longer, while darker colors relate to the places where the user spent the least amount of time

5. Thunderhead

This tool is a cloud software that was developed to measure customer engagement on three levels: listening, engaging, and learning. The first of these is related to listening to user interactions with marketing strategies. The engage level, on the other hand, relates to recommendations made in real time based on customer needs identified in the previous, listening, stage. Finally, in the learn stage, the platform refines the approach to better understand the customers.

With the tools presented, it is possible to realize that there are several strategies to map user behavior and thus improve the results obtained, avoiding possible errors and improving the relationship with the customer.

These tips are valid for any page, whether on content sites or in e-commerce. Therefore, it is worthwhile to research well these tools that are allied to digital marketing and make your work more automated, according to the company's planning.

Did you like today's text? Are you already using or curious about using some of the tools presented to map the user's behavior? Tell us about it in the comments!

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