5 passos para melhorar a UX do seu e-commerce

5 steps to improve the UX of your e-commerce

Increasing sales in an e-commerce is a considerable and quite common challenge, after all, who doesn't want to have a successful sales channel. Therefore, relying on good UX (User Experience) practices can help you achieve this goal.

With the right design, layout, and usability, your online store can guide the consumer to the purchase without great difficulty, providing fluid journeys that meet the real needs of your target audience. This is because the consumer's buying journey involves several stages that need to be aligned with your sales funnel. Every detail of your site will weigh in the relationship with the public and enable positive experiences.

If your e-commerce doesn't invest in UX, most likely your customers are relating to negative experiences, which greatly hinders sales in your online channel. In this article, we will share 5 steps to improve the UX of your site and increase conversions in your e-commerce. Check it out!

Cover different screen sizes

At all times, people are connected to mobile devices, which has made the trend of purchases made via smartphones or tablets grow. Therefore, it is very important that your site is adjustable to different screen sizes, without losing the quality of navigation and that it follows the expected structural pattern, so that the user does not get lost.

Understanding a little about Mobile Commerce can help you identify the best practices used in the market, besides understanding the techniques that make the difference in this digital channel. We have an article about this, read it now!

High-quality photos

The photos on your site are a way to demonstrate empathy with your user, after all this will be the first and perhaps only contact he will have with the product before buying it. So choose high quality images that show several angles and give a sense of proportion. If possible, work with videos on the product pages as well.

It is worth remembering that you should pay attention to the loading weight of the images, there is no point in having super produced photos, and they hinder the loading of the site. To avoid this, use techniques that reduce the size of the image without harming the quality, so the performance will not be harmed.

Customized layout

We know that the first impression is the one that stays, and the layout will be the first thing that your customer will access when accessing your e-commerce. Investing in a custom layout makes it possible to differentiate your store and create a visual identity for your brand.

Try to opt for a clean design with good navigation, that is pleasant to look at, to interact with, and that preferably focuses on performance. Passing on your brand image through the colors used, the typography chosen, the arrangement of elements, the number of columns on the product shelf, the arrangement of your categories, will also make a difference.

The important thing is to have a site that has a visual identity compatible with your brand and that meets all the user needs in terms of navigability and performance.

The customer journey on your site

In e-commerce, the customer journey is one of the most important and error-prone issues. Many online stores lose sales because they have a complicated and not intuitive, causing high rates of cart abandonment, for example.

A good UX occurs when your customer can enter your site, find the items he is looking for without too much difficulty, and be guided to the checkout without distractions. The goal is to speed up as much as possible this buying process, after all we live in times of immediacy.

Working with search filters, well segmented categories or an intuitive menu is already an interesting way of delivering more agility to the client, once the search time will be reduced the chances of the purchases being finalized are greater.

A/B Tests

Don't know what works for your public, or what is working very well? A/B Testing will be of great help to improve the UX of your e-commerce.

To achieve satisfactory results, you need to test as many steps of the buying journey as possible in order to find bottlenecks that may be hindering your sales. The ideal is to record patterns that worked and try to replicate them in other situations.

UX and design specialists

If you do not yet have a team, or a professional that takes care of this aspect of your virtual store, know that there are companies specialized in the subject that provide analysis and development services for this aspect.

Here at Codeby we have a complete team that performs an analysis, based on the best practices in the market, and scores all the improvements that we could achieve in your e-commerce. It is worth knowing a little more about our UX and UI Design service.

These were the tips for you to improve the UX of your e-commerce. If you want to continue learning about the topic, download our "UX Guide for e-commerce" written by our Design and UX expert.

And if you feel the need, you can contact our experts and get a complete usability analysis of your site.

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