6 erros que fazem você perder dinheiro no seu e-commerce

6 mistakes that make you lose money in your e-commerce

With the many digital platforms available, having an online business has become easy, practical, and very profitable. However, it is common to make some mistakes in this process and they prevent you from reaching the desired goals and profits. So, to be successful and not lose money in e-commerce you need to be aware of several factors.

This is the theme of today's article, and if you want to know more about how to avoid these mistakes, you have just found the ideal material! From now on we will point out six very common mistakes that end up affecting profits and generating losses for your online business. Check them out:

1. having a slow website

Who chooses to shop online, usually makes the choice seeking speed and convenience. If the site is slow and does not offer the necessary convenience, the customer may be dissatisfied, not finalize the purchase and even go to the competition.

Problems such as delays in registering, errors at the time of payment, images that do not load, or very long processes can be real shots in the foot. This is because, according to a study conducted by Aberdeem Grour, visitors usually abandon the page after three seconds if they do not find what they need.

Therefore, to avoid losing money, it is very important to pay attention to the functioning of your e-commerce and to have people responsible for its maintenance. In case of a problem, it is always good to have a programmer available to correct the error as soon as possible.

2. Excessive Pop-Ups

For those responsible for a company's digital marketing, pop-ups can even be great conversion tools. However, if executed incorrectly, or if their use is exaggerated, they can irritate visitors. After all, nobody likes a tab over the desired product, blocking the screen all the time, right?

The proper use of pop-ups depends on their execution being done optimally and intelligently. They should not load too early, as they can prevent the page from opening the right way, disrupting the user experience and driving them away. Ideally, they should open after at least 10 seconds of the loaded page so as not to disrupt the visitor's performance and experience.

3. Problems with Logistics

As said, the idea of an e-commerce is to offer speed, convenience, and a pleasant shopping experience to the user. So, imagine the following situation: the company has an interesting site with good usability and products that really interest customers, but when it comes time to finalize the order and make the delivery, it leaves something to be desired.

Delays in delivery and high freight costs can generate dissatisfaction among consumers. In fact, research shows that about 75% of users abandon the purchase when faced with such factors.

Thus, it is essential that e-commerce offers a fair price for delivery, because there are cases in which this rate is higher than the price of the desired product. In addition, it is good to offer more than one shipping option for customers who want to pay more to have the product faster or even for those who want to schedule the delivery day.

Finally, keep the buyer informed about the location and status of the products, especially by email. It is also interesting to use an integration with the Correios system that provides a code that can be tracked either by email, sms or on the website itself.

4. Not having support for mobile devices

In times of widespread use of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, not having a site that is responsive to such devices is a big management mistake. This means not serving a large portion of the population, who access the Internet mainly through these means.

The lack of a mobile version is an error punished even by Google, which does not show these sites as results in searches conducted by mobile devices. In other words, the e-commerce that does not meet this criterion is losing money.

To solve this issue it is necessary to invest in design techniques and development of sites that adapt to all screen sizes. Another good option that, depending on your business, can be worthwhile is the creation of applications &mdash they can make the purchase easier for those who access your store by tablets and smartphones, and save on mobile data usage.

5. Insufficient or Incorrect Advertising

You can invest a lot in the quality of the site and in the user experience, but if you do not make a good disclosure, your ideal customer may not even know that your e-commerce exists, which is a mistake that directly affects the revenue. This mistake usually occurs due to two factors:

  • lack of planning;
  • lack of digital marketing tools.

To avoid a failure like this it is necessary to know exactly who your customers are, formulate communication directed at them, and also create ranking strategies (SEO - Search Engine Optimization) so that the product appears well placed on search pages.

6. Not Answering Customers' Questions

Finally, another big mistake is not being available to talk to the customer. Problems or doubts with the product, or with the purchase itself, can arise and it is very important to offer this support to the user.

Although some companies use virtual automation to answer customers online, it is essential to have available a personalized human service so that the customer feels heard.

Remember that a customer dissatisfied with a company's online customer service may not buy again and may even use platforms such as social networks to do negative marketing for your brand.

All the failures mentioned above can happen frequently in online stores, especially in those that are just starting out. However, as you have seen, adopting the right strategies is not an impossible mission and prevents you from losing money in e-commerce. Therefore, have a good planning and a qualified team to adapt to the market and achieve your goal!

Did you like today's text? Now that you know how to avoid mistakes that make you lose money in e-commerce, how about learning a little more about how to recover revenue in 8 steps?

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