6 dicas para otimizar o seu site com o Mobile SEO

6 tips to optimize your site with Mobile SEO

If you follow the news about the world of technology, you must already know that mobile devices are responsible for a large part of internet traffic.

According to studies, the trend of searches made on these mobile devices has been increasing by about 9.5% per year, after all a large part of the population has a smartphone always in hand.

This means that it is increasingly important to optimize your site for these devices, with techniques such as SEO for mobile.

In this article we will share 6 days to optimize your site for mobile devices and achieve better sales results.

What is Mobile SEO?

Basically, it is a series of optimizations from site layout to content so that the experience on devices such as smartphones and tablets is as good as on a desktop.

These optimizations will help your site appear in Google searches and other search engines when someone performs a search, increasing the chances of your site being among the first Google results.

The difference between traditional SEO and Mobile SEO is that the latter takes into account different browsing habits, in addition, since 2017 Google prioritizes mobile content since 58% of searches made in the search engine, are through smartphones.

Therefore, it is a strategy that should be taken into consideration. Read on and see how to put it into practice!

How to do SEO for mobile and optimize your site?

Before you start making adjustments to your pages and code, it is important to check some factors related to performance. In our Performance Guide for e-commerce, we talk about each of these factors and indicate free tools to make a technical inspection of your site, download the content!

After this verification, it's time to optimize your content:

Have a Mobile Friendly Website

You need to ensure that your site works properly on mobile devices, with an interface that is appropriate for the size of the screen. Offering a thumbnail of your desktop site on mobile, does not deliver the necessary experience for that type of access needs.

So opt for a responsive design, where the rendering of the page adapts based on the screen size, with an interface and usability suitable for mobile devices. Here at Codeby, all the projects we develop use techniques such as Mobile First and mobile friendly to ensure the best experience on these devices.

Page speed is important

Another important step is to speed up the loading of your website.

A survey conducted in 2018 by Unbounce found that 73% of consumers do not wait more than 3 seconds for a page to load.

Furthermore, more than 70% of consumers admit that page speed influences the likelihood of a purchase. When it comes to e-commerce, consumers feel less likely to buy when the loading time is slower than expected.

One way to know if your site needs performance optimizations is to use tools like SpeedBythat checks the loading speed on desktop and mobile devices and gives you a complete report with suggestions.

No resource blocking

A few years ago, it was common to block site features on mobile devices. This made sense because it reduced page load times on cell phones and tablets.

However, this changed with the implementation of the mobile-first index that basically considers the mobile version as the main version of a site. Now, when a feature is blocked on mobile devices, your site risks not being indexed correctly.

Optimize titles and descriptions for mobile

Titles and descriptions are the first elements of your content that the user comes into contact with. Thus, they need to be presented clearly, with the stipulated number of characters, and of course, on the subject addressed by your site.

One advantage is that Google displays more characters in the mobile version, see the difference:

  • Desktop

Title: About 70 characters

Meta description: About 155 characters

  • Mobile

Title: About 70 characters

Meta description: About 155 characters

Although the amount is higher, it is worth drawing up titles and meta descriptions at the desktop limit, to ensure that the text displays uncut on both devices.

Use Google local search

Searches for local businesses is increasingly popular among people, with searches for nearby locations reinforcing the consumer's growing need for convenience. Appearing in these searches can represent a great opportunity for your brand to be found by more people, especially if you use traditional retail and physical outlets.

So always keep your information standardized, address and contact details correct, and add opening hours and days so people know when they can visit your commerce. This information can be changed in the Google my business.

Optimize for voice search

Voice search is becoming increasingly popular, as it aims to simplify and optimize people's lives by replacing typing with speaking.

According to Bing, voice searches are 3.7 times faster than typed searches. Moreover, the practice caters to varied audiences, from people looking to save time, to older generations who are starting to venture online more vigorously now.

To use this strategyWhen using voice search, focus on long-tail and question-form keywords (those that have a sentence format) since voice searches are done that way, especially when using social assistants like Siri (Apple) or Alexa (Amazon).

And these are the tips to start optimizing your site for mobile SEO. If you are interested in learning how we can apply techniques like Mobile First or Mobile Friendly to your e-commerce, please contact our consultants.

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