Como recuperar receita no seu e-commerce em 8 passos

How to recover revenue in your e-commerce in 8 steps

As an e-store owner, you know that one of the biggest needs is to find an effective way to recover e-commerce revenue, right? Every abandoned cart represents lost business. But, this doesn't mean that they cannot be recovered.

There are strategies that you can adopt to bring the customer back to complete the purchase, turning a large part of the abandoned carts into actual business. Didn't you know that?

Well, check now the 8 main steps to have a simplified and efficient revenue recovery strategy in your e-commerce!

1. Save All Shopping Carts

It is common that before finalizing a purchase, customers simulate the operation to find out the payment methods available, rates and delivery times, discounts, cards you receive (flags), final order value, etc.

The problem is that these carts disappear after they are abandoned on some sites, and when the customer returns to complete the purchase he needs to redo the whole process. This makes room for him to rethink the purchase and get distracted by other things.

To prevent this from happening in your e-commerce, simulate a purchase and check if the site saves the carts. If not, change it as soon as possible. That way, when the customer comes back, everything is exactly as they left it, and all they have to do is complete their order. This convenience should reduce the number of lost recipes.

2. Increase The Sense Of Security

Brazil is one of the countries with the highest incidence of fraud and online shopping scams. This makes consumers always suspicious when it comes to handing over personal information, such as delivery addresses, credit card data, etc. This is one of the biggest reasons that hinder the growth of the sector and generates abandoned carts.

However, you can do something about it. Insert the security seals that protect your site on the purchase pages, especially on the payment page, so that when they return, either through remarketing or on their own, the customer feels the security necessary to complete the order.

3. Optimize the Checkout Process

Another thing you can do to recover e-commerce revenue is to improve the checkout process. On most websites, this process is long, requiring many actions and information from the customer. This leads to many abandonments and an increased rate of abandoned carts.

You can eliminate this barrier from your e-store by adopting one- or two-click purchasing processes. Also, prefer formats where the customer does not need to log in, but has their personal and credit card information stored on the site to speed up the purchase process as much as possible.

That way, when the customer returns, he or she will find it easier and feel more comfortable to finalize the order.

4. Improve Site Usability

The use of mobile devices to access the Internet, search for products and make purchases is increasing and, in the coming years, should surpass the desktop users (desktop computer). Many e-commerce players are still not aware of this, letting their sites lose the efficiency of the resources on mobile devices.

This means that if your site does not have a responsive layout, it will not adapt to the standards of mobile devices, making navigation difficult, generating irritation to users and cart abandonment.

So, prepare your virtual store by performing usability tests to be adjustable to small screens and have an adequate shopping process for these devices (smartphones and tablets), such as using larger buttons and adapting the page scrolling to a navigation only in vertical direction.

5. Start Remarketing

Remarketing is an amazing tool offered by Google AdWords and Facebook Ads campaigns to identify users who visited your page and left without buying anything.

Even if they have not registered with an email, for example, they will receive offers and opportunities related to your online store on all sites and blogs belonging to the Google and Facebook display network that they visit.

This method is extremely useful for your abandoned cart recovery strategy, and well worth the investment.

6. Send Reminder E-Mails

Whenever you register in an online store, simulate a purchase, and abandon the cart, it is common to receive reminder e-mails after a period of time. We have all had such an experience, and it does work well.

Ideally, you should use this strategy on your site as well, since it is cheaper than remarketing, taking into account that the message can be scheduled and sent automatically by the e-mail marketing services you use.

Schedule friendly messages to be sent automatically to users who abandon the shopping cart. Do this once a day, and if you can, offer a discount to be even more successful at recovering revenue.

7. Eliminate Distractions

Displaying promotions and products similar to what the customer is searching for within your site is an important strategy, but the closer the customer gets to the payment page, the more you eliminate these ads and links.

I say this because in the final stage of completing the purchase, there cannot be any distractions, buttons, or escape links. This way you trap the customer on the page, keep their focus, and give completion of the order as the only way out.

8. Correct The Flaws

And we leave the most important tip for the end. Did you know that your online store can have numerous code errors and flaws in the page scripts that can prevent the customer from completing the purchase? Most online store owners do not know this and end up exposing their brand and customers to the risks of having their pages hacked and information stolen.

Even if the case is not so serious, the slightest error in the functionality of the pages can give the image of an unprofessional site and, as a consequence, reduce its credibility with the customer. This can lead to consumer distrust and the abandonment of shopping carts.

Since the manual process of identifying and correcting flaws is a huge and error-prone job, the ideal is to use a robot to verify and identify the problems in an automated way. This way, you get straight to the point, quickly correct the faults, and keep the site always working properly.

These strategies should help bring customers back and keep new ones focused on buying. But remember: to really recover e-commerce revenue, use them all together.

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