A importância de ter busca inteligente em um e-commerce

The importance of having intelligent search in an e-commerce

Making it easy for your customer to find the products they are looking for is the first step to having good conversion rates, after all, if the customer can't find what they are looking for, they will most likely leave your store and go to the competition.

Therefore, it is important to improve your store's search to help your site's users in the best possible way. In this article we will talk about the importance of having intelligent search in your e-commerce.

Show the results your customer is looking for

Search is a very important functionality for your store, because it is strategically linked to your sales strategy. Therefore, the constant monitoring needs to be done through your platform's system, and the settings must be aligned to help your customer's experience at the moment of purchase.

Follow the most frequent terms that are being searched, see if they are generating results, if necessary create synonyms or redirects to facilitate the search. customer navigation.

Smart search is a feature that also allows you to direct the customer to a variety of products available in your store, which helps you understand their interests and preferences in collections or brands.

Another important point is to analyze the search terms that are returning assertive results. Understanding calculations about the number of times the term was searched and clicks on products is also interesting, so your store can get insights for homepage highlights or campaigns related to the product.

Thus, as a shopkeeper you can optimize your e-commerce search through these points:

  • Adding synonyms to facilitate the search;
  • Redirects for searches with no results;
  • Merchandising rules and relevance in product positioning
  • Suggestions of similar products and warn me;
  • Empty search page configuration;

Investing in navigability of your e-commerce is also important to guarantee that the consumer finds the products he needs in an easy, intuitive, and uncomplicated way.

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