Antecipando dúvidas do cliente: por que criar uma estratégia de atendimento?

Anticipating customer doubts: why create a customer service strategy?

With the popularization of the internet and the development of new forms of communication, the way the consumer deals with companies has been transformed. A company that wants to stand out cannot afford to wait for the customer's questions, it must anticipate them. This is possible through a personalized service and through different channels.

It is necessary to keep in mind that the age of technology is also the age of information. Everything that the consumer needs to know can and should be found in the "palm of your hand", whether on a smartphone, tablet, PC, or on the phone. To stand out, it is necessary to surprise.

With this in mind, this article will address the importance of investing in a differentiated service and anticipate customer questions, besides bringing practical tips on channels that can be used for this purpose. Read on!

Personalized Customer Service

Offering a personalized service that can anticipate the doubts and questions of consumers is certainly one of the best investments that any company can make in the current market scenario.

The 21st century client is better informed and, consequently, more curious and questioning. A simple brand presentation is not enough to convince and bring the consumer to the company's side. It is necessary to plan to build long-lasting relationships and, subsequently, make them profitable.

To be able to create and maintain this relationship, besides offering quality products or services and marketing work, it is necessary to surprise the customer through a differentiated service, anticipating their needs. As a result, you will be able to

Build customer loyalty and retain customers

As is well known, attracting new customers is more expensive than building customer loyalty. Since consumers already know and trust the company's products, a differentiated service will make customer loyalty a natural thing.

Optimize processes

With a customer service that anticipates questions and with well-defined processes, the team will be able to optimize procedures and facilitate the routine of sectors that work together with the service.

Reduce operational costs

The cost reduction happens with well-defined jobs and with an advanced attendance management. This will allow for fewer failures, rework, and waste of materials, among others. Besides this, an advanced service counts on the automation of processes, which speeds up and facilitates the procedures.

In addition to these advantages, a personalized service can make the company stand out from the competition, boosting sales and increasing the average purchase ticket.

But, for all these benefits to become reality, it is necessary to create communication channels that make the customer's life easier and solve their doubts in a practical and fast way. See below four channels that can be developed for this purpose.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The FAQ is the famous "Frequently Asked Questions" area. The company must list the main doubts of its clients and answer them. It is important to point out that this should not be a static page, that is, it should always be updated as new questions arise in the various channels used by the company. Among the most common questions that the FAQ answers are

  • forms of payment;
  • warranty time
  • freight and delivery time;
  • security certification;
  • expiration date;
  • policy of exchange and return of the product.

Setting up a channel for this purpose is important, as it avoids an attendant spending hours on the phone or chat answering questions that are common to most customers.

Help Center

The best thing about a help desk is that it can be deployed by companies of all sizes. For medium and small businesses, the application of this method can be even more positive, as customers believe that because the company's number of operations is small, the probability of mishaps is lower, and therefore they have less tolerance for eventual problems.

Therefore, for smaller companies, this is a perfect opportunity to stand out and show a differentiated service. A help desk has the objective of speeding up and answering 100% of the customer's questions, streamlining processes and improving the consumer's experience with the company. Besides fulfilling the role of clarifying the questions, it can help the company to detect problems and adopt corrective measures quickly.


The "robots" in communication channels have become the solution for many companies in terms of agility and effectiveness in customer service. Chatbots have become so important as part of business strategies that you have probably already been served by one and, perhaps because of the reality conveyed in the service, not even realized it.

Like the FAQ, chatbots are programmed to answer customers' most common questions. However, unlike the option in the first topic, the robots value interaction, simulating a real human attendant talking to another person. In practice, bots are day-to-day facilitators.

For customers who like to be more "independent" and solve their problems without the help of a collaborator, the use of a chatbot can be the solution. Several actions can be solved without the interaction of an attendant and, in more complex cases, the "robot" will forward the conversation to a qualified professional.

Help Desk and Support

Unlike a help desk, which is more comprehensive on customer queries, a support desk focuses on specific questions to resolve inquiries about products and services.

Acting as an extra support for the customer to correctly use the purchased good, the service and support center can be structured to answer the most common questions about the company's products. It also allows to raise the quality of products, to build strategies for the promotion and marketing of the company's brands, and to improve the customer experience.

To be able to differentiate and anticipate customer doubts, it is necessary to modernize and get out of the commonplace. The current consumer no longer accepts bureaucratic service as something that is enough to have him as a partner. Understand the importance of having a personalized service, follow the tips presented and optimize your results.

Did you enjoy this article? Do you have any questions or anything to add on the subject? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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