As oportunidades online para os Shopping centers através do marketplace

The online opportunities for shopping centers through the marketplace

Shopping malls were severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic, especially during the first half of 2020, when physical retail stores had to temporarily shut down their activities.

In this scenario, where the business model of these malls needed to undergo transformations, the opportunity to fully integrate the customer experience by adding digital was seen not only as an urgent adaptation measure, but as an innovation that will certainly be a trend in the coming years.

Using all the logistical and commercial potential, retailers associations and shopping center managers are adding the marketplace as a sales channel, turning partner retailers into digital sellers, integrating everything into a centralized experience.

The integration of channels through the marketplace becomes more convenient for the consumer, who can buy products from several different stores in a single checkout. In addition, there is the facility to opt for shipping or pick up at the mall, in the physical stores from which they have purchased products.

As an enterprise, the shopping centers also gain by inserting commercial conditions by performing digital leases within the marketplace, increasing the range of services offered and enhancing the relationship with the tenants.

Shopkeepers are also benefited by this transformation that the malls are going through, because they can count on one more channel to promote their products and those who do not have e-commerce, will have the opportunity to expand to other channels. opportunity to start your online sales and who knows, expand to other channels.

In this context, VTEX can be a great ally in the structuring of a marketplace of this size, because it has a robust platform and supports large numbers of accesses and transactions. The platform also has a seller account, a function that allows people who do not have an e-commerce to register their products, inventory and prices to sell in the marketplace.

The VTEX solutions are not limited only to cases such as shopping malls, the platform has interesting solutions for retailers who want to sell on marketplaces or start their own operation, through solutions such as VTEX Network.

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The role of the marketplace in online retail VTEX + Codeby

We have prepared this e-book in partnership with VTEX, as a basic guide for the implementation of a marketplace, using the technologies of the VTEX platform.

In addition to understanding the concept of marketplace and its growing role in the online market, we will teach you step-by-step how to start your sales in partner marketplaces and also how to set up your own environment for sales from other sellers.

Download now the VTEX Marketplace Implementation Guide

And if you like to know about the opportunities for the sector, and want to understand how Codeby can help you develop your online project, please visit contact our consultants.

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