Black Friday 2020 Como usar marketplaces para aumentar o alcance da sua marca

Black Friday 2020: How to use marketplaces to increase your brand reach

Expectations for this Black Friday are high, especially for businesses that operate online, the prospects are even more promising when considering the changes in consumer habits during the pandemic and social isolation.

According to research conducted by Google, 7.3 million new e-shoppers moved online retail around the world, of these new users about 54% are buying more online and 38% are buying items online that they used to buy only in physical stores. With these numbers, we can see good signs for this Black Friday.

If you don't have an online store yet, selling through marketplaces can be an excellent alternative to sell online and reach these new e-shoppers and have good results during the event.

If you already sell on marketplaces, you might like the tips we have for you to make your brand stand out among the competition and increase your reach. Here are our tips to improve your positioning on marketplaces on Black Friday.

Plan your product keywords

If the goal is to increase your reach, one of the basic elements is to know which keywords to use to improve your positioning on the platform and appear on search engines and user searches. You can use tools like Semrush to identify which words are already ranked and which ones can be attached to increase your reach.

On marketplaces , it is essential to place prominent terms in the Product Name, Product Category, and Store Name. It is worth remembering that the keywords must be in accordance with the content presented on your page, so describe the product features, usefulness, technical details, provide as much content about the product as possible.

An interesting piece of information is that product descriptions usually have between 300 and 500 words, the ideal is that keywords add up to at least 1% of the content.

Explore the SEO of your pages

One of the factors that most affect the ranking in Marketplace is the lack of use of SEO techniques (Search Engine Optimization) that are strategies to improve your positioning in Google results and perhaps appear in the first positions of the page and reach a greater number of visitors and customers to your page or product in the marketplace.

Make sure that your URL and page title make sense with the content and product presented, if possible use keywords that have a large amount of searches.

In addition to the text, pay attention to the images that are part of a good SEO strategy. Use the descriptive features of the images, add keywords, and a brief description of the product. This will increase the relevance of your page within the html and Google "robots". In addition, it is always good to remember that the product photos need to be of good quality and show details of the product, you do not need to be a professional to have attractive product photos, but it requires fundamental practices such as: good lighting, background details, photo quality and image size.

Work with each marketplace's audience type

If you work on several marketplaces, you may have noticed that the characteristics of the public are different, either in popularity in a particular segment, or in the way they usually pay for their purchases.

Speaking of segments, for this Black Friday, there are three behaviors that have changed in relation to last year's edition as the furniture and decoration sector is expected to present peaks above the 2019 results. On the other hand, more popular sectors such as home appliances and telephones are expected to be below the results of Black Friday 2019. And yet, there are segments that did not have great results last year and this year promise to find themselves among the searches of users, as is the case of the Food and Beverage sector.

No matter which sector you work in, it is necessary to understand the particularities of the audience of each marketplace you operate, so identify the traits of your audience using tools such as Google Analytics or Google ADS. This way, your promotions and communication will be more assertive and you will reach many more users with your customer profile.

Which products to promote

It is possible that your business will sell more than usual during Black Friday. So it is worth planning which products will be on sale, if you have enough stock to meet the high demand, how the offer will be and if the proposed value is not generating revenue loss.

To avoid surprises and losses during Black Friday, we suggest that you plan your stock well, and especially to know the most popular products and those with less output and make an efficient management of the quantities in stock.

The offer is also an important point, decide the price that the product will be offered if there will be a benefit during the purchase, such as free shipping or discount coupon. Whatever the option, always align with your suppliers and partners so that the sale does not become unfeasible.

How to work with multichannel on Black Friday

If you would like to know how to start working with marketplaces, learn more about channel integration, and how to work with multichannels in a simple way that brings results for your business. You might like to know that we have a webinar with important considerations on the subject.

Our CEO Fellipe Guimarães and Guilherme Carneiro, Head of Marketing and Partnerships at ConectaLá, shared their knowledge on the subject in a quick chat aiming to show simple and easy solutions for you to start working with multichannel. Watch the video here!

I hope you enjoyed today's tips, and have a great business.

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