Black Friday: A oportunidade perfeita para negócios omnichannel

Black Friday: The Perfect Opportunity for Omnichannel Businesses

After some years of expansion to consolidate, Black Friday today is already a reality in Brazil being known by about 99.5% of the country's population.

If your brand is used to working Black Friday will certainly do very well, planning in conjunction with other important dates of the end of year, such as Cyber Monday, Christmas and New Year. This is because consumers have different shopping habits on each of these dates, turning the end of the year into a true season of consumption.

And there are some key ways that can help your brand bring good results by focusing on the characteristics of consumption on the date.

E-shoppers and their experiences with Black Friday

If you like to know how consumer behavior is in the market, then you must have read or heard about consumer preference for offline purchases in previous editions of Black Friday.

Today the scenario is quite different, a little more than half of Internet users already shop online and the good news is that many of these people have their first shopping experience on Black Friday.

However, even with the high participation of Internet users, some people still reject buying online. According to a survey conducted by Provokers, about 40% of people are afraid of online fraud and another 38% simply like to see the items in person. A small portion of 23% see the payment of freight as a barrier.

It is possible to take some actions that demystify these fears, by passing security to your customer through security seals, offer more contact with the product through video content or free shipping during the event. Reviews from customers who have already bought are also very important for the purchase decision and credibility of a store.

Omnicanality for an on-to-off experience

When consumers choose to shop online, they usually look for more important attributes than the price itself.

According to research conducted by Provokers mobile facilities, site experience and multi-channel options are indispensable when shopping online.

Of these attributes, about 42% of consumers look for multi-channel options such as in-store pickup and favorable delivery time. The most logical way to increase the rate of consumers interested in buying online is to offer free shipping terms and short delivery times.

Now, if you work with both online and offline channels, a great solution is to use systems that integrate these channels and make it easy to buy your product.

An example of this is to make use of a Pick up system, which allows your customer to make purchases online and pick up at a point of sale near his location. About 24% of consumers would be motivated if they had the option to pick up at the store.

Information about price and store stock is also important, as more and more people use the Internet to complement purchases made in physical stores, especially for research, about 86% of people prefer to research online and 53% of those who are not e-shoppers prefer to research online.

Another way that is becoming popular here in Brazil, is the use of QRCode for transactions and purchases. Studies show that payments via QR Code already appear with significant numbers as means of payment in physical stores.

In addition, the QRCode is a practical way for customers to make online purchases when they face inconvenience (such as long lines, opening hours, last minute purchases) in physical stores. This is a gateway to online shopping.

Digital consumption, how is the Black Friday habit?

At the end of the year consumption season, each seasonal date has its own characteristics, and Black Friday is no different, at this time the consumer has in mind to take advantage of promotions for themselves, buy things for home or high value-added. It's the season of "I deserve it!"

And to take great advantage of the promotions that the event brings, the consumer prepares with a lot of searching and research several months in advance, to make sure that he will make the best buying decision.

If you were curious and want to read more on this topic, read our article "Consumer dream, is your brand ready to meet this expectation on Black Friday?"

Make the most of your audience's interest, good sales!

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