Case de funcionalidade VTEX CMS - Indique e ganhe para a Bblend

VTEX CMS Feature Case - Refer and Earn for Bblend

The creation of affiliate programs has become necessary for companies in all markets, which were looking for ways to engage not only their customers, but their sales team as well.

The affiliate program is an effective advertising strategy to promote sales targeted to the customer profile and generate opportunity for new sales through referrals.

It was thinking about the advantages for its customers and operation that Bblend decided to start the "Refer and Earn" in its e-commerce, and our team developed from scratch the functionality that can be used by VTEX cms stores.

In this article, we will tell you how the Wallet feature, or as it became known "refer and win", works.

Wallet Framework for VTEX cms

The "Refer and Win" functionality, developed for Bblend, uses in its backend and database an application developed in nodeJs within the VTEX environment. In addition, the frontend was developed in Javascript where the operation of the system is displayed to the merchant.

Rules of operation of the Refer and Win

The Wallet functionality can be used in some scenarios, with the customer or with your reseller team. In the case of Bblend, the functionality was developed only for scenarios with the customer, in the following flow

1. Get coupon for an indicator

The customer can get an indicator code when finishing the purchase of any product in the brand's e-commerce.

2. Purchase made with a coupon from an indicator

When a customer has a coupon or indicator code, he can use it on his first purchase. The retailer is free to impose limitations on the products and categories that can be purchased with the coupon.

The user makes use of the coupon at the checkout stage by applying its code in the coupon field. The discount amount is then applied to the purchase.

3. Receiving credit from your referral

To receive credit from your referral, the referrer must wait until their code is used and billing occurs on the VTEX platform.

After this process the credit is added to the referral's gift card.

4. Viewing earned credits

The user can check the earned credits and the transactions linked to their referral code on a specific url.

5. Using credits obtained from referrals

When the user decides to use the credits obtained from referrals, the purchasing process does not change, the only requirement is to be logged in your account and select the option to buy with credits, available at the brand's checkout.

The Wallet is a feature that is following a new trend in the market, with strategies to engage customers and resellers through referral benefits.

The functionality for VTEX stores can be used for B2C and B2B business models.

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