Case Funcionalidade: Gerador de voucher para Iron Studios

Case Feature: voucher generator for Iron Studios

Customer loyalty practices are becoming increasingly common and necessary among companies that want to maintain a sustainable business in the long term.

This is because customer loyalty is a way to maintain a constant relationship with your customers, even making your products more attractive. According to market estimates, gaining customer loyalty is five times cheaper than reaching new customers.

Besides having a good site, with easy payment, exceptional communication and service, there are other strategies to ensure customer loyaltyas points programs, advance purchase, and even a voucher strategy.

And it was with the voucher strategy that our team developed a system for the VTEX platform, responsible for enabling and managing the sale of vouchers for the Iron Studios website. Learn more about the Voucher Generator.

About the need met by the functionality

Iron Studios is a brand specializing in pop culture and oriental collectibles, providing fans with its own products as well as those of other renowned manufacturers in the market, since its opening in 2017.

Over the past few years, the company has evolving its projects aiming at better user experiences and among these evolutions is the new voucher feature that works like an advance purchase of launch products, where the user can book discounts and be notified when the product is available and use the voucher they bought in advance, making a lot of sense when linked to the collectibles segment.

How the Voucher Generator works

The Voucher Generator system is an administrator where the store registers the voucher data and the shoppers' emails are collected from this order. The system automatically fires emails to all voucher buyers the moment the product purchase is available on the site, as in this strategy, vouchers are specific to pre-sales and bookings of collectibles.

Upon receiving access to the voucher, the customer can register it in the purchase of the desired product by applying the discount value, being able to finalize the purchase normally.

This process was developed in an AWS framework, with no availability limit and no chance of unavailability. In addition, the voucher management panel is simple to implement in the brand's existing processes.

What are the results obtained with the functionality?

The voucher generator, besides being a management system for Iron Studios' voucher strategy, is also very cost-effective in operation, thanks to the way it was developed, aiming at an architecture based on memory and runtime constraints.

Iron Studios e-commerce will now be able to work with advance purchases of discount vouchers for its most anticipated releases, providing a positive customer relationship and experience.

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