Case funcionalidade VTEX IO AWIN Integration

Feature Case VTEX IO AWIN Integration

Many companies when implementing their own web site decide not to give up their ERP or some other system that has been used for a long time in the operation. For cases like this, it is necessary to develop an integration, a micro-application with the responsibility of allowing the web system to interact with the company's own application.

It can be a challenge to develop a perfect integration, but it is not impossible, and when done well these micro-applications greatly optimize the communication and exchange of data between systems.

Thus, our team developed AWIN Integration, which enables the integration between two partners Awin + e-commerce, aiming to increase conversions in store sales.

About the need met by the functionality

AWIN Integration is an app that collects information sent in VTEX events on the front-end and sends it to the AWIN partner through the back-end. In this process, the back-end is very important to capture configuration information from the customer, such as the AdverserID.

For the development, our team used 5 main builders in React for the front-end data collection. For the communication to be done between front-end and back-end, GraphQl and Node were used for Server to Server connection with AWIN and VTEX platform Admin for custom configurations for the partner.


As the development was based on the Plug-in-play methodology, the solution can be easily installed in partners and stores of the VTEX ecosystem.

This App integrator had such a positive effect that it is in the process of becoming the official plugin to perform integrations of AWIN + VTEX systems.

About Codeby

We are specialized in e-commerce solutions, focusing on performance, usability improvement to deliver to our customers a significant increase in sales conversions with full transparency and agility.

With over 6 years of experience, we have evolved and transformed the reality of digital businesses of major brands and companies in the market, contributing with customized technological solutions for virtual store environments. MVP Partner in the Vtex quadrant for 3 years.

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