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Feature Case VTEX IO Codeby Gift Card

For large or small companies, gift vouchers are a smart way to attract new buyers and increase engagement on the site.

Through this strategy consumers who have never had contact with a brand can make their first purchase and have access to the experience offered, if positive the loyalty of this customer becomes much more likely.

Thus, our team developed the Codeby Gift Card to make possible the availability of gift cards in stores that use VTEX IO.

About the need met by the functionality

In practice, the functionality creates specific rules to be used in e-commerce, where the customer can purchase a gift card on the store front-end, as well as use the card as a payment method for a specific purchase.

The Codeby Gift Card was developed for the VTEX platform, being a functionality that is based on the native VTEX gift card system, creating these cards as a product in the store catalog, as well as their respective SKUs and different prices.

With this, it is possible to create a specific template for products, using the ID for the settings to be made in the layout.

About the development

For the development of this functionality, our team used React for the creation of all the components to form the layout of the page for these products. Node and Graphql were also used to help in all the Giftcard flow in the VTEX master data and order management.


Through this App, stores of all types and segments can create a different experience to buy and sell their gift cards in e-commerce. The advantages are many, among them are the increase of revenue, stimulus in conversion, can be used in returns and discounts in the store.

About Codeby

We are specialized in solutions for e-commerce, focusing on performance, usability improvement to deliver to our customers significant increase in sales conversions with all transparency and agility.

With over 6 years of experience, we have evolved and transformed the reality of digital businesses of major brands and companies in the market, contributing with customized technological solutions for virtual store environments. MVP Partner in the Vtex quadrant for 3 years.

Want to know how we can help you? Contact our experts and learn about the conditions to evolve your project.

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