Case funcionalidade VTEX IO: Filter Search

VTEX IO Feature Case: Filter Search

Making it easy for your customer to find the products they are looking for is the first step to having good conversion rates, after all, if the customer can't find what they are looking for, they will most likely leave your store and go to the competition.

Search filters offer value in the customization process, as the customer can filter the search by criteria such as price, shipping, promotional offers, most popular products, among others.

It is important to improve your store's search to help your site's users in the best possible way. Therefore, our team has developed Filter Search, an App for VTEX IO that creates customized filters for VTEX search.

About the need for this functionality

Filter Search was developed for the creation of customized filters on the VTEX platform. These filters have the same structure as the VTEX search, but differ in the level of customization, giving the merchant more control of how it will be displayed on the search results page.

The development was done in React, using the contexts and information that the platform itself already provided through its hooks for the search page.


Now, through this App, the customization that used to be more complex and performed in the platform's native functionality, now makes it easier to modify or even add new configurations for the same filter, according to the needs of the store or the client.

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