Case funcionalidade VTEX IO: Find your size

VTEX IO Feature Case: Find your size

Nowadays, it is not enough to have a good product or service for the consumer to choose your brand, because there are several options available in the market. Thus, he seeks differentials that are not necessarily related to the product offering, but to the buying experience.

This path that the buyer takes until the final decision to purchase the product is essential for the purchase to be effective. Personalized experiences are increasingly appreciated by the customer, who feels good to know that his favorite brand knows his preferences.

Thus, our team developed the Find Your Size for VTEX IO stores, an application that provides a more intuitive experience for the user during the purchase.

About the need met by the functionality

Find Your Size aims to provide a more intuitive experience at the moment of purchase, exactly when the user needs to find out the size of the piece to be chosen.

To work, the merchant registers the size information of the pieces in the VTEX Admin. They will be shown in the front-end of the store through a modal with a form for the user to enter their measurements and, based on this information added to the data registered in the admin, the application returns to the user with the ideal size available for him.

The application development was simple, created with typescript and Node.


The app aims to improve the user experience at the moment of purchase, making it more comfortable to choose the size of the piece of interest, once the app shows the ideal size based on the crossing of data from the system and data registered by the user.

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