Case funcionalidade VTEX IO: Free shipping infos

VTEX IO Feature Case: Free shipping infos

In recent years, a good number of e-commerce operations have been opting for Free Shipping as a way to attract consumers interested in their products and increase conversion on their sites.

Free shipping leads about 63% of consumers to put more items in the cart, and also to indicate the store that is offering the benefit to other people. This data is from research done by ComScore and reveals the importance of considering free shipping in your sales strategy.

And this strategy is proving to be effective, not only by the increase in the average ticket during the period, but also in the eyes of the customer, who is more open to consume. A Webshoppers survey reveals that 60% of consumers prefer to pay cheaper freight, even with longer delivery times.

Thus, our team developed the Free shipping infos, a new App for the VTEX IO platform, whose main objective is to show the user the amount that is missing for him to receive the free shipping promotion.

About the need met by the functionality

Free shipping infos was developed to show the user a kind of freight ruler, to communicate how much is missing for him to get the benefit.

Currently, there are already alternatives for shipping rules on the VTEX platform, but most of these solutions do not capture the promotional value automatically, making the customer need to inform elsewhere the minimum purchase value.

For this reason, Free shipping infos searches on the back-end the promotion linked to the region where the user is located and then it is made the verification of the value that is missing for the user to receive the benefit. On the front-end, the user is shown a freight ruler on the minicart, or on any other page of the merchant's preference, which shows the evolution of the purchase until it reaches the free shipping benefit, based on the value added to the cart.

To develop this functionality, our team used Node on the back-end for the creation of the query endpoint and on the front-end, hou the customization through typescript, the ruler design is free and can be customized and used in any store.


Before making any purchase, consumers evaluate the value of the product and also the delivery time and value. If the cost or the delivery time are not interesting, the purchase may be abandoned, and the consumer will look for a competitor.

The freight ruler encourages the user to add more products in search of the benefit, for the merchant this implementation proposed the automation of data capture, preventing the front-end from showing a value that is not configured as a promotion on VTEX.

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