Case funcionalidade VTEX IO Multi Sellers Buy Box

Feature Case VTEX IO Multi Sellers Buy Box

Marketplace is an extremely relevant strategy for large companies. This strategy has functions that go beyond expanding the reach of a brand, as it allows businesses to strengthen their sales without hindering logistics.

One of the modalities of marketplace is the marketplace in, which is still in the process of popularization, last year several companies found in this strategy a way to increase sales and even digital transformation.

Unlike the marketplace out, this strategy consists in bringing new sellers to your e-commerce and selling third-party products, transforming your current operation into a marketplace.

Many brands have been betting on this strategy to generate additional revenue, through commission on sales, as well as increasing their product mix and even working with different categories in e-commerce.

With this, the need for functionalities focused on multisellers was seen, not only to improve the user experience but also to increase the competitiveness between brands in a marketplace, learn about the Multi Sellers Buy Box.

About the need met by the functionality

The Multi Sellers Buy Box allows the creation of a Multi Sellers component for any marketplace on VTEX that has the need to have it in its PDP.

Basically it shows on the product page options from different sellers for that product, so the consumer can choose which brand, offer or condition they want to buy.

About the development

For the development of this functionality, our team used React inside VTEX IO, where components were created to present the different sellers that sell the product, through the add-to-cart.


The Multi Sellers Buy Box App brings ease to the user and merchant experience, since it works as a facilitator for marketplaces to work with multisellers.

The application for VTEX IO can be used in any project that needs this experience, being a versatile and adaptable application for each store/marketplace scenario.

About Codeby

We specialize in e-commerce solutions, focusing on performance, usability improvement to deliver to our customers a significant increase in sales conversions with full transparency and agility.

With over 6 years of experience, we have evolved and transformed the reality of digital businesses of major brands and companies in the market, contributing with customized technological solutions for virtual store environments. MVP Partner in the Vtex quadrant for 3 years.

Want to know how we can help you? Contact our experts and learn about the conditions to evolve your project.

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