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Feature Case VTEX IO Personnalisation APP

Product customization is a trend that is here to stay in e-commerce as it is responsible for attracting new customers and building customer loyalty while reinforcing the brand's online presence.

It can be a challenge to offer this level of customization if your store does not have a technology that allows you to customize products, the implementation can be complicated and often does not work properly. This is not the case with the VTEX platform, which allows greater freedom in creating and developing new applications to enhance your strategy.

Thus, our team developed the Personnalisation APP in an international project for a handbag brand, which can be replicated in many other stores. Get to know this VTEX IO App.

About the need for functionality

Personnalisation APP was developed to allow customization of personalized products in VTEX stores.

The customization option appears on the product page showing the customer the options of colors, prints and sizes available, as well as providing a field to upload own options.

The App has the front-end part of the store where the selected products are configured in the VTEX administrative environment, this way the product customization area shows images and texts as a preview of how the final result will look like.

Once the consumer finishes the customization, he can proceed with the purchase and finish the checkout.

About the development

For the development of this functionality, our team used VTEX IO's own buiders. The Admin was used to provide a configuration area for the store administrator to choose the product that will have the customization in the store and other settings.

All the components available on the product page were built with React, which enabled a better shopping experience for the user, as well as the Node and Graphql builder to be able to use the VTEX APIs and functionalities related to Attachments and Master Data to manage all the customization flow for these products.


The app solved a deficiency that natively did not exist in the platform, which was the possibility of customizing products. Through the app, our client was able to increase brand relevance in the market through customization, with results that directly impacted the acquisition of new customers.

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