Case Funcionalidade: Disponibilidade de estoque para auxiliar compra

Case Functionality: Stock availability to assist purchase

Having an organized inventory is important for your logistics process to work perfectly, and it also provides you with useful information about supply and demand that will help you adapt your sales strategy.

That's right, an organized inventory can help not only the logistics of your online store but also be a tool in your sales strategy. We see it commonly used in strategies that seek to elicit a sense of urgency and encourage impulse purchases.

What if inventory was used to assist the user's purchase? Not causing a sense of urgency, but with the intent of showing better stock options for the customer to have access to more convenience at the time of purchase.

With this in mind, our team developed a new functionality for Bblend's website that shows stock availability to assist the client's purchase.

About the need met by the functionality

B.blend is a brand that produces beverage machines, besides a variety in types of beverage flavors that are made through capsules commercialized by the brand. With such a wide variety of products, the need arose for a functionality that would deliver more convenience to the user, showing the places with larger stocks of the product he is looking for.

In addition to improving the user experience, the functionality has the function of managing stocks in real time of the quantity of each product, making it easier to see the products in each of the points of sale.

How does it work?

This functionality developed in the environment of VTEX platformenvironment, searches the stock of each product, in real time, just by sending the skus to a specific url. The information presented about the stock varies between 3 statuses of quantity, they are: 0, more than 10 and less than 10. The functionality does not show the real value of the stock for the shopkeeper, only status, but it is a way to observe the stock variation in each point of sale.

Disponibilidade de estoque para auxiliar compra

The functionality can be used to show customers where they can pick up the product, based on the stock status of the nearby point of sale.

For the retailer, it becomes uncomplicated to check and compare stock in physical stores and online stores. In addition, it is possible to target campaigns based on the information obtained about the stock, both in physical sales points and in the online store.

The results obtained with the new functionality were

  • More convenience to the customer, since the consumer is directed to sales points that have stock of the product they want, avoiding frustration due to lack of stock and giving more options to purchase their product.
  • Simpler inventory management for retailers, since they have interesting information about the status of their stock, allowing them to make more assertive decisions within their sales strategy.

Did you like to know this functionality for the VTEX platform, developed by our team? Be sure to check out our other success cases and get to know other features in our Plugins store. And in case you want to know how our team can help your company by developing custom functionalities, contact our consultants.

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