Checklist para e-commerce: suas páginas de produto são eficientes?

Checklist for e-commerce: are your product pages efficient?

The success of an online sales platform depends on a number of factors, ranging from strategic planning to customer service after delivery. One of these essential elements is the efficiency of the site. Do you know if your e-commerce site meets all the requirements of a really efficient site?

So that you have no more doubts about it, we have prepared a checklist for e-commerce with fundamental elements to increase conversions, avoid the most common mistakes, and stand out from the competition. Check it out!

Efficient Platform

The first thing you should keep in mind is that the success of an e-commerce store depends on a good platform, because there is no point in having good products and even interesting marketing strategies if the site does not support many visits, is unstable or does not offer security to consumers.

An inefficient platform can make you lose countless sales in a few days, which is undoubtedly a planning mistake that should not occur.

Responsive Layout

Another fundamental item for the efficiency of the page is responsiveness, that is, the ability of the page to adapt to different screen formats without loss of information or quality. Besides being a ranking factor in Google, having a responsive platform can represent an increase in sales, since people are increasingly using mobile devices to make purchases over the Internet.

Quality Images

A consumer who chooses to purchase products over the Internet may suffer from a lack of opportunity to see the product in person and decide whether or not to purchase. For this reason, if you want to increase the chances that they will choose to purchase, it is important to have high resolution pictures that are able to show every detail from every possible angle.

Full Product Description

Just like images, detailed product descriptions are a must for an efficient e-commerce. It is not rare that we come across something we are interested in on the Internet, but we end up giving up buying it because it lacks basic information such as dimensions, warranty time, or technical specifications. In other words, the more information about the objects or services, the better.

Adequate Call To Action

The Call To Action (CTA) or call to action is used in content marketing strategies and should not be neglected, since it is a tool that encourages users to make certain decisions, among them, to place an order. In order for it to fulfill its role, it needs to be appropriate to the marketing strategy adopted by your company and the stages of the sales funnel in which your customers are.

Variety of Payment Methods

An efficient product page needs to have different payment methods to cater to as many buyers as possible. This is because restricting payment to payment by bank draft or even credit card can be a hindrance to a large number of people and can be a problem when it comes to checkout.

Customer Service

The last item on our checklist for e-commerce concerns customer service. A good website should not neglect to contact the user, since he often has questions that only a conversation can clarify. In addition, the channel must be open to receive complaints and offer solutions to the customer's problem, both before and after the purchase.

With this checklist for e-commerce in hand, it is much easier to develop strategies to make product sales pages more efficient and convert them into sales, ensuring the success of your business.

So, what did you think of our list? Do you have another tip or idea to add? Leave your comment here!

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