Checkout personalizado na plataforma VTEX? É possível. Conheça o novo projeto no Souq

Custom Checkout on the VTEX platform? It is possible. Meet the new project at Souq

The history of Souq e Codeby has been built for a little over a year, and today we are pleased to deliver the new Checkout of the store.

For those who don't know, the Checkout is the name that allows the closing of the purchase process, in an e-commerce is a page where the customer finalizes the purchase, confirms all information and adds a payment form and delivery address.

Our time made a fully customized checkout within the VTEX platform and through the layout created by the designer of the brand Anna Amex, were modified within the shopping cart / some items positions as freight calculation, adding coupons, subtotal, total and button to finish. All these buttons were moved to the right side to improve customer accessibility). Also, to make everything work perfectly this way, some JS lines were added that made a difference.

Also our seller plugin was introduced, allowing you to insert the seller code to be linked to the purchase.

In the second step of Checkout, it just adds a CSS to the native VTEX functionality and also performs an email validation.

Now / Profile / shipping / payment stay on the same page for visual or CSS modifications and include validation on the fields to execute as planned.

In this project, the biggest challenge was the validations, since VTEX already has validation, our team needs it to be inserted again to meet or execute the intended flow.

So, did we enjoy learning more about this project? What are the results? Come tell us in the comments.

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