Codeby e o MetaCommerce XP: o metaverso no varejo é possível!

Codeby and MetaCommerce XP: the retail metaverse is possible!

The metaverse is increasingly present in various spheres of our daily lives.

In retail, for example, the metaverse aims to generate proximity with customers. Besides offering greater convenience at the time of shopping and bringing new opportunities within the digital universe. Several brands are already adhering to the versions of their stores in the metaverse.

According to the survey conducted by Gartner, one of the world's leading companies specialized in research and consulting in information technology, the forecast is that by 2026, about 25% of people should spend at least an hour a day in the metaverse!

In other words, this is a trend capable of expanding and improving the companies' business models in unprecedented ways, allowing them to keep up with the new consumer behavior regarding the purchase journey and the new forms of online consumption.

MetaCommerce XP: metaverse shopping experience developed by Codeby

During VTEX Day 2022, at Codeby's booth, we had on both days the demonstration of activation with MetaCommerce XP fully integrated with the VTEX platform, simulating a purchase in the digital universe, in a true immersion in virtual reality.

Developed by our Head of Innovation and Head of Design, Reginaldo França and Felipe Julio, who worked and dedicated themselves for weeks to bring this incredible experience to the event, the MetaCommerce XP simulation gathered dozens of people at the Codeby booth and became one of the most talked about attractions, gaining a lot of notoriety.

MetaCommerce Codeby

More than that. Arousing the interest of those who had the opportunity to participate in the simulation in understanding how the virtual reality of a metaverse works and also giving some idea of how it may soon be used in digital channels within this universe.

"It is only in DOING that everything is moving forward, and with technology it is no different. It was with this mindset that we decided to develop an unprecedented solution in the market with only 30 days ahead before the presentation of the experience at VTEX Day. Our team did it and, in the end, managed to ensure that the result was unforgettable and positively impacted so many visitors during the event," comments Reginaldo França, our Head of Innovation.

Simulação MetaCommerce Codeby

Using VR (virtual reality) goggles, visitors watched a brief video of our Head of Innovation explaining the experience and, then, they could move and interact within the environment by viewing pictures telling a little about Codeby's history since 2018, photos of our employees, and clippings of some projects we have carried out so far.

At the end, the visitors went to a space inside the activation, simulating a checkout of the purchase after registering their emails, where the data related to the purchase were sent. The surprise is that these participants competed for the drawing of an Alexa Echo Show 8 and an Alexa Echo Show 10, whose winners were announced in the afternoon of the last day (13) of VTEX Day.

MetaCommerce plataforma VTEX

The idea of MetaCommerce, then, is precisely to show how it is possible to use the metaverse in retail. As said above, this trend has the potential to open an unimaginable business space for brands, helping to strengthen the relationship with consumers and, consequently, increasing the possibility of higher sales and profits.

"The metaverse is a technology that is conquering the market for the great opportunities it brings to brands, especially in online retail. Our team understands these new trends and seeks to explore through creativity and innovation, unique experiences for the e-commerce market", explains Felipe Julio, our Head of Design, who adds: "Having participated in this project as a designer and developer made me open my mind to everything that can be explored to make the most of this new technology".

Metaverso no varejo

If you did not have the opportunity to experience the MetaCommerce simulation at VTEX Day or want to repeat the immersion in this incredible Codeby initiative, just click here!

Want to know what were the main topics discussed during the two days of VTEX Day? Download now our ebook "Content Report VTEX Day 22 with the biggest highlights about new trends, technologies, innovation, new VTEX solutions and insights about the future.

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