Como é possível alcançar o consumidor na jornada de compra mobile?

How is it possible to reach the consumer in the mobile purchase journey?

The use of mobile devices has surpassed all others. According to the Continuous National Household Sample Survey (PnadC), published by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), 64.7% of Brazilians have access to the Internet, that is, 116 million people connected. Of these, 94.6% access a network through a Smartphone.

This reveals the importance of considering content and layouts applicable to mobile devices. If you can customize your company's site navigation and blog, you should not think about it, it will certainly miss sales opportunities.

Now, from this kind of person, how to attract people with real buying potential to your site? For this, there is a buying journey. In general terms, it is a strategy that allows you to attract customers who are really interested in your product, boosting your conversions and improving your results.

To understand this once and for all, read this content to the end. In it, it addresses essential issues such as the concept of the buying journey and how it applies to your business. Check it out!

What is a buying journey?

As you show, it is through this that your site stands out among many pages on the Internet. Even over your competitors. A buying journey consists of distinguishing the levels of interest in your product and then attracting them according to the stage they are at. It means leading the customer to what he really needs: your product.

Through a content marketing strategy, your customers can be empowered to identify that:

  • have a problem;
  • need to solve it;
  • a solution is your product;
  • they should buy through your company.

People have been making more and more purchases over the Internet. Taking into account the fact that these practices are more effective, the use of their cell phones may indicate that being online and prepared to provide a good mobile experience is essential.

Why is a buying journey important?

Marketing and selling on the Internet in the conventional way no longer yields recent results. Squeezed orders for products are often not attracted.

People do not want to read explicit advertisements or be approached randomly by salespeople. In addition, the traditional sales process, the "blind" approach, is very worn out and salespeople end up with a low conversion percentage.

With a well-planned buying journey, as people go through a direction to the salesperson and not the other way around. Through forms, they now request more information and demonstrate their intention to purchase what you have to sell.

They are also more informed about your product and more consistently interested in buying it. More than this: the point of attraction between seller and customer becomes much smaller. This means that your customer will have a better understanding of your company and your product, and will have fewer objections at the time of purchase.

So the buying journey is no longer a trend in the virtual world, but a basic process to attract customers and recognize your brand.

What are the stages of the buying journey?

At the beginning of this article we talked about levels of interest. Therefore, they are the stages. Each of them requires a type of approach and targeting. As well as a specific way to communicate and define a relationship with the customer. More details about this can be found below.

Learning and discovery

In this stage, the reader does not yet know what he needs from your product. So, here we can say that he is interested in content from the top of the funnel, in which they will be introduced to or want to have what your company sells. If you offer a financial control app, for example, start by using or giving tips on the best discount apps that can be made.

Use a keyword with the highest search volume and explain advantageous ways to get more earnings just by investing savings. This will certainly instill the desire in the reader to save and control their finances. Soon, he discovers that he needs to find an automated way to be successful in his action.

Recognizing the Problem

Already at this stage, he knows that he needs to get his finances under control. So how about giving him tips on how to do this? Show them that they can gradually save money at the supermarket and on their credit card, but that to do so they need to find a way to control their spending.

Use the same strategy you show above, directing or customer to move on to the next step, when he can be sorted for a salesperson to contact or not.


Here you can give alternatives on how he will do spending control. That is, teach him how to use your product and evaluate as market options, an end of what the company is your best choice. Give alternatives so that you can decide on the best way to control himself and achieve his desires.

Purchase decision

In this content, you can already export a little more explicitly your intention to sell the product and talk about your success cases, make content that addresses how its advantages, among others. This material needs to be directed to the leads that are already out there, that is, that already have a declared interest in buying.

Do you realize what a purchase or customer journey involves in following the entire process through to a membership? To get that strategy, always include calls to action (CTA) on the content page that directs or drives to the next step in that funnel. Also, don't forget to offer responsive, fast-loading content for easy mobile navigation.

How to create an efficient buying journey?

For this to be possible, it is necessary to take some care. Below, I list the main ones for you, facts, to get the best results.

Structure a persona

Make an assessment among the customers you already have who are most interested in your product. Identify this "average persona" and ask questions like:

  • What is their age?
  • What is their job title?
  • What is their social routine like?
  • What are their interests in your topic?

These are some examples of questions you need to ask the customers you interview. This way you will be able to identify who your company is talking to and what is the best language to use. In addition, it will be easier to offer accurate content that solves the reader's problems and desperate or their real interest.

Know the steps

Know how the stages are essential to be able to offer a well targeted material for each one of them. Remember that the content must always be useful and interesting. However, they must be within the strategy for a stage you are following.

Build a flow

Preferably, make a plan to develop a strategy, identifying which keywords will be chosen and which will be used. This way it will be easier to organize your production and get the best results.

Finally, we can say that the purchase journey is a basic aspect to achieve potential sales returns. In addition, it provides other secondary assets, such as image reinforcement, brand recognition, and better-oriented customers about your product.

Want to complement your strategies and sell more? Then check out this other article with tips to improve usability and increase conversion rates on your website!

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