Como garantir boas taxas de conversão no e-commerce na Black Friday

How to guarantee good conversion rates in e-commerce on Black Friday

Increasing the conversion rate in e-commerce is a process that needs to be monitored and optimized continuously through good practices that involve low cost and great results, especially when it comes to Black Friday.

If you are hoping to increase your sales during Black Friday 2021 Black Friday and make the most of every opportunity that the event can bring to your e-commerce, you need to take the time to optimize some good practices to ensure good conversion rates.

In this article, we have separated some tips to prepare your e-commerce for Black Friday and ensure good conversion rates.

Abandoned carts

Having a specific strategy to try recover abandoned carts will be important to increase your sales during and even after Black Friday.

Studies show that the percentage of abandoned carts reaches 75% during the event, a considerable number to be taken into account in the strategy to increase conversion.

A strategy focused on abandoned carts will act directly on users who added products to the shopping cart, but when it was time to finish they abandoned the page. This abandonment can be due to the price of freight, giving up or regretting, and even difficulty in going through the checkout.

With the active recovery strategy, the customer will receive e-mails explaining that the products are available for purchase, and that he can still buy it. The retailer can also use scarcity or urgency triggers to make the action more effective.

Reactivate inactive customers

Inactive customers can be encouraged to return to purchase after a period of absence, through an email to make them feel loyal or even loved by the store.

To use this strategy you can set a trigger with a certain time in which the customer does not buy in your store and send a "we miss you" email.

This can positively influence repurchases, as responses are really good on actions like this. The more human the tone of the email, the better the chances of your customer coming back. Therefore, it is important to generate interest through a great email plan. relationship with the clientThe more human the tone of the e-mail, the better the chances of your customer coming back.

Price, payment, and shipping adjustments

To avoid situations of unavailable stock or outdated prices and delivery information, it is important to review in advance. The larger the quantity of products available in your store, the more time you will need to propagate the new information in the store.

One of the most common complaints from consumers during Black Friday, is regarding price changes before finalizing the purchase, which ends up causing frustration and negatively impacting the brand. To avoid situations where your e-commerce does not sellIt is worth keeping a fixed warning about the valid price being the one presented at checkout.

Optimize your e-commerce SEO

Your Black Friday strategy will only be complete after an optimization on SEO of your e-commerceThis will allow your site to appear in searches for users who use search engines to search for the best discounts and opportunities on the date.

To start, do an SEO audit to look for technical errors that can be corrected so that your pages are crawled, indexed and ranked in important searches for your niche. Tools such as Google Search Console can help identify these errors through their reports.

One of the main errors that can impact your sales during Black Friday are those related to loading speed, since it damages the visitor's experience (and consequently your Google ranking). PageSpeed Insights is a tool that generates test reports of your site's performance to help you know where to start.

It is also necessary to ensure a good experience on any device, whether mobile or desktop, a positive experience is an ally for your e-commerce not to lose any sales.

Did you like the tips? Take advantage and also download our e-book Expectations for Black Friday 2021with predictions about consumer behavior and a complete checklist with important steps to prepare your e-commerce to succeed in the event.

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