Papo de CEO: Como gerenciar pessoas com menos de 30?

CEO Talk: How to manage people under 30?

Realistic, communicative, in search of personal enrichment, and much of the knowledge they acquire is self-taught. These are the characteristics that are most evident in people under 30, where there is a mix between the younger Millenials and Generation Z.

During these years that Codeby was established in the market, we opened opportunities for younger and inexperienced profiles, but who had a thirst for knowledge and enthusiasm to accept challenges.

We have grown thanks to these people, and a management focused on the under 30 profile was essential for the company to retain amazing talents and people and avoid professional turnover.

What does the under 30 generation expect when working in a company?

When we talk about generations, Y and Z, the expectations are similar when they are looking for a job, a mix between principles, curiosity, ethics, and freedom.

These generations are driven by great challenges. Doing the same task or having routine jobs can make these professionals feel demotivated. And this goes against one of the most profound characteristics of these generations: the search for freedom and self-knowledge. When they feel unmotivated, or intellectually stagnant, these professionals tend to look for new opportunities in other companies.

Therefore, explore the potential of your team and encourage the growth of each member. Learn how to motivate and engage your professionals by adopting strategies that match their expectations and life vision. Start with the following points in mind:

Share dreams

People from generation Z are committed to ethics and principles, anything that is not part of their beliefs is not absolved by them. Therefore, the importance of selection processes not only focused on the technical level, but on the personal essence of the people.

The identification with the company's organizational culture is one of the main reasons to retain these talents , so always share the values, mission and vision of your company.

Thus, sharing the dreams and goals with the entire team involved in your business, makes everyone believe and strive as hard as you to achieve them.

Your company's productivity will always be high and the goals will be reached more easily and naturally, as it is portrayed in Jorge Paulo Lemann's "Big Dream".

Quality of life and personal development

Those who think that the Z generation is attracted by pool tables, ball pools, games, etc. when they are going to choose a job are wrong.

In a research conducted by MIT (Sloan School of Management) these items were not even relevant to attract the attention of the under 30. Among the attraction items we noticed that a large part is closely related to quality of life, personal development and the structuring of a lifestyle.

The feeling of leaving work with all missions accomplished and having had a good day, free of unnecessary stress, and still being able to focus on your personal life, is rewarding.

Relationship with hierarchies, plans, and goals

U30 groups have a different relationship than other generations when it comes to hierarchies. What counts is good, stimulating, inspiring leadership that helps them improve their performance and boost their careers. This group understands that they need to learn, and they value those who encourage learning.

As a good part of the u30 are formed by the Z generation, who are naturally more detached, they need to see themselves constantly stimulated, be it through challenges, structured career plans that give the notion of evolution. You can use with the plans, goals that stimulate the mood and work the immediacy, once a larger goal is divided into small checkpoints, the motivation of people becomes constant.

Constant feedback

Constant feedback is very important for the U30s. This generation does not like to feel abandoned, and because they have little experience in the labor market, they may feel insecure about their actions. Therefore, always try to maintain a constant feedback system with your team.

When guided, they work and correct mistakes with greater agility, more motivated. The scheme is very similar to that of startups: make mistakes fast, learn fast, and correct fast!

Growing together and appreciation

The U30 generation will certainly make your company grow, and it is your duty to value these professionals and make sure that the company's growth is reflected in their professional growth.

Training, workshops, study support, or even flexible work hours may be ways to value and support the career development of these professionals. They like to know that they are part of the team, that their role within the company is important, and valuing this will certainly bring results not only in the organizational climate, but also in growth and profitability.

But does only the U30 generation matter?

Of course not. Each generation has its characteristics and upbringing history that influences their professional behavior, all of them are essential for the market to continue growing and maturing, but the way to manage these people are different to awaken their most valuable characteristics.

At Codeby today, most of the professionals are u30, so I would like to share my experience managing this group. We are growing and covering several professional profiles that I will share with you in the future.

I hope you enjoyed today's article, and don't forget to check out the previous contents.

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