Como identificar erros no SEO do seu e-commerce

How to spot errors in your e-commerce SEO

Attracting new users to your e-commerce is a determining factor for the success of your online sales, and for this to happen, SEO focused on e-commerce is essential, since being on the first page of Google is the desire of any brand focused on success.

Research says that 90% of people who browse Google, click on links present in the first positions and only 10% search for new results on the second page. We can get an idea of what the results of sites that appear after the third page are like, can't we?

In an attempt to attract more consumers and offer a large amount of products, some mistakes can occur and harm the SEO of your e-commerce pages. In this article we will show you some common mistakes that can be avoided and how to identify them.

External duplicate content

This problem can be caused in two ways, the first occurs when other pages copy your content, the second is when your e-commerce uses descriptive texts created by the vendor or manufacturer.

In these two cases, search engines find it difficult to identify which address is more relevant to the user. And in some cases, your site may be helping to better position the competitor's site and give authority to these domains.

So, search develop your own content about the product or adapt the texts offered by suppliers. You can use your brand's tone of voice and even add information that your customers usually look for or have questions about.

Internal duplicate content

Internal duplicate content, are those that appear more than once on different URLs of your site. This type of duplication can also end up hurting your site's SEO by not generating authority and harming the quality of your domain.

The best thing to do is to always create different content, and if you have doubts about whether there is any duplicate content in your e-commerce, you can use the Sitelinerwhich is a tool that scans your site and indicates duplicate content and materials.

In addition, an interesting solution in this case is to use a canonical tag to prioritize an page and specify to the search engine which one it should show in searches.

Broken links

Another very common problem is broken links or links that direct to pages that do not exist. This can happen because an e-commerce is always changing its products, collections, and many internal reference links end up getting lost, causing the famous "404 error" or "page not found".

To identify broken links, the ScreamingFrog feature can help identify these errors so you can apply 301 redirects to transfer users to the new pages without harming the user experience.

Tips for tools to identify SEO errors


A Ubersuggest is a free platform that helps you make the most of terms to build strong SEO content.

You can find out the volume of searches for words, what their potential for organic or paid results is, analyze the returns of the main competitors, and get suggestions for alternatives.

You can have access to a light and free version or opt for one of the plans to have more information in the reports generated in the platform.

SEM Rush

SEMrush is a paid software, very useful for various marketing strategies. Among its tools, there are SEO-focused options, able to help with keywords, backlinks, search engines, site auditing, among other actions.

This tool also provides information about competitors and tracks the performance of their content to generate insights for your team and improve the results of your e-commerce.

As you have seen in this article, an Good SEO in e-commerce can significantly improve your sales results, improving metrics such as access rate, conversion rate, and even average ticket.

Here at Codeby, for example, in all our projects, we always follow the best SEO practices for our clients to have successful e-commerces.

Want to know how we can help your e-commerce increase its metrics? Contact our team of specialists.

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