Como melhorar a performance do seu e-commerce com SEO

How to improve your e-commerce performance with SEO

Performance optimization is essential for your e-commerce to be found on the Internet. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of strategies that help the engagement of a site within search engines, and is among the most important elements in the dissemination of the store to potential customers.

It is estimated that, currently, more than 90% of users use search engines to find information about products and/or services. This means that it is not enough just to create an e-commerce platform for sales to happen, it is also necessary to optimize it to improve performance and stand out in the competitive internet environment.

In other words, optimization is fundamental for new consumers to find your virtual store, get to know your products/services and, consequently, decide to do business with you.

If your e-commerce is not optimized for search engines, then your potential customers will find your competitors in the search results and not your brand.

In view of this, we have brought you some tips on how to improve your e-commerce performance with SEO, based on trends that will bring solid and lasting results to your business.

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UX Writing

Melhorar a performance do e-commerce - ux writing

User experience has been one of the most relevant principles when it comes to online sales and it is not only limited to the buying journey, but also how the customer is guided through it, and your e-commerce content needs to be able to lead to conversion.

UX Writing focuses on user experience through words, such as persuasion in order to generate sales. Using keywords, the function of UX Writing in e-commerce is to grab users' attention and lead them to take an action in your store.

Other techniques such as mental triggers, microcopy (all text in a digital interface), and UX Writing itself, can - and should - be applied with the conversion of visitors in mind.

Topical Authority

Melhorar performance e-commerce SEO - Topical Authority

Topical Authority is not a new concept, however, it shows great chances of growth this year, since Google is increasingly valuing sites that are authorities in the market. That is, sites that are a reference in certain subjects, and Topical Authority aims precisely to inform Google that your e-commerce is an expert in some topic.

In other words, more than creating SEO-optimized content, your brand must also show its extensive knowledge of the area in which it operates. Therefore, it is essential to think of topic clusterswhich are different contents on the same main topic.

In short, you need to elaborate a central article that will serve as a hub (term used for the concentration of ideas and solutions) for other posts on the same topic.

Therefore, it is necessary to think about what is the main subject related to your business.

Meta descriptions

Performance e-commerce SEO - Meta descriptions

Another tactic to improve the performance of your e-commerce with SEO are the meta descriptionsa text resource that functions as the description of a content and appears below the page title in search results in order for the user to click on the link.

They are important allies for SEO and should ideally be up to 160 characters long.

A bad meta description can increase the site's bounce rate, giving Google the impression that the page is not relevant, since the chances of users clicking on the link and encountering a different content or product than imagined is quite high.

Product description

Performance e-commerce SEO - descrição de produtos

Following the previous topic, making attractive and complete descriptions of products/services also helps to achieve a higher conversion rate, since good detailing is key when it comes to online shopping. Customers have access to more information.

Use SEO to create unique, attractive descriptions with relevant keywords.

Internal Linking

Performance e-commerce SEO - link building

Internal linking is an SEO technique that consists of using links e is related to Topical Authority to share authority between the pages of your online store as well as to provide easy and simple navigation for visitors.

This strategy generates relevance on all pages and will get them discovered. By placing a link on the homepage that leads to another section of the site itself, for example, automatically all pages will be within a few clicks of your homepage.

By making your e-commerce navigation easier through internal linking, you improve performance with SEO.

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Applying structured data

Performance e-commerce SEO - Google Analytics

Another tip on how to improve the performance of your e-commerce with SEO is to invest in structured data to sort information and the Google robot understand the contents.

These are:

  • Blog posts;
  • Products;
  • Local businesses;
  • Events;
  • Among others.

In this way, Google's robot (Googlebot) can better classify your e-commerce pages, as well as understand the relationship between them and display them in the organic results.

While you will be able to find numerous recommendations for using structured data in Google's own support, you can go much further when it comes to SEO.

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