Como melhorar a velocidade do seu site e aumentar seus resultados?

How to improve your site speed and increase your results?

We know how frustrating waiting for a web page to load can be! To avoid negative impacts on your bottom line, you should consider improving the speed of your site.

The causes of slowness can range from poor choice of infrastructure to too many plugins used on your site. The lack of care becomes a reason for the customer to give up your content and visit your competitor.

The problem can be even bigger if your company is an e-commerce one. The lack of optimization allows users to negatively report their experience when visiting your site. In this way, the impact can directly affect sales, becoming a real snowball of problems.

Want to know how to avoid this headache? Keep following our article below!

Install Cache Plugins

When we visit a page, our computer temporarily stores a copy of the visited site, but, for this, you must enable caching on your site using plugins such as: W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache.

The feature allows the visitor, in case he decides to access the site again, not to have to load the site completely from scratch. This way you avoid an overload on the server and consequently improve the loading speed.

Optimize Images

Images are the heaviest files on a website. Although their use is essential to improve the user experience, lack of care can negatively influence their performance.

To do this, you should use compressors, such as CSS Sprites, to reduce the size of the files in order to improve optimization.

Check Infrastructure and Hosting

When putting a site online, it is important that the person in charge check the credibility not only of the infrastructure used, but also of the company responsible for hosting your page.

The good choice allows both the user and the company to obtain, besides data security, better performance when accessing the web page.

Count on a CDN

Going deeper into the subject of infrastructure, for the site to perform well it is important that it uses the CDN (Content Distribution Network) concept.

The practice allows the distribution of the content generated by the site to servers closer to the users. This way, the user can access the content in less time.

Think About Mobile Users

Because of the ease of carrying cell phones on a daily basis, it is natural that your potential visitor is using a portable device to visit your site. For this reason, you should prepare your site to welcome the mobile audience.

By using responsive design, your company will have a flexible site that automatically adjusts to different device sizes, whether they visit from their smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Use Tools to Measure Performance

Now that we know a few tips, you should use tools to check how effective the changes have been, so you will have a better idea of where to improve:

Google Page Speed

To help websites perform better, the famous search engine has developed Google Page Speed.

Installed as a plugin in your browser, the tool not only measures loading time, but also offers suggestions for improving performance.


If you are interested in something more practical, you can opt for Pindgom. By testing the speed through the tool's own website, the developer can find out in detail how long it took to load scripts and even CSS files.

Despite the work, using the tips and resources cited in the article allows a more pleasant experience for your audience. Thus, it is natural that people are more willing to share your page, increasing not only the number of views, but also the results in conversion.

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