Como migrar a plataforma do seu e-commerce sem problemas

How to migrate your e-commerce platform without problems

As a business begins to scale up and move on to new challenges, thinking about the possibility of migrating your e-commerce to a platform that will keep up with your growth is a critical step if the goal is to achieve more successful sales.

However, migrating e-commerce can be a real headache for retailers, since online stores have complex operations and properties that require robust systems.

Another frequent concern about platform migration is e-commerce performance, since it's all about transferring the store to another platform while, in the process, providing customers with normal functionality.

With this in mind, we have separated some tips on how to migrate your e-commerce platform without problems, to go through this change without running risks or suffering major impacts.

Check them out below!

What is platform migration about?

Do que se trata a migração de plataforma?

As stated above, platform migration is nothing more than the transfer of the virtual store to another one that better meets your needs and also offers extra functionalities.

When considering migrating your e-commerce, it is important to analyze each process and/or data that will be part of each step in order to avoid surprises during the transfer operation.

What to consider at the time of migration?

O que levar em consideração na hora da migração?

The first point that must be taken into consideration when migrating your platform is to have a map of your entire site. If you do not have an IT professional on staff, it is time to identify exactly where your online store is located. In other words, map out the whole situation.

Evaluating points such as the advantages of the new platform is also fundamental, since it needs to accompany the development of the business, as well as offer the necessary support to generate conversions and a secure environment to sustain a higher number of accesses.

In addition, consider what technological technological resources availableIn addition, considering which technological resources are available, as well as their capacity for innovation and customization, is indispensable when it comes to changing the layout, adding tools, facilitating access, and improving the user experience.

Step by step on how to migrate from one platform to another without problems

Passo a passo de como migrar de plataforma sem problemas

After the planning for the platform migration is done, together with your collaborators and the team, we have selected some points to which you need to be attentive so that the process is as smooth as possible and you can achieve excellent results:

1 - Security

Security is among the most important topics in e-commerce platform migration. For it to be done successfully, verify that the new environment has security certificates is essential, in order to prevent data leakage or loss during the transition process or that your store loses sales.

2 - Data backup

Complementing the item above, to avoid headaches, don't forget to ...the backup of your customers' information. Also the history of orders, price lists, registration of products and other relevant content related to your e-commerce.

Moreover, this information needs to be kept - either on your own server or in the cloud - in case the old platform presents structure incompatibility.

3 - Technology

Before choosing the platform to which your store will be migrated, remember to check if it offers all the features you want and that meet your needs. and that meet your needs.

4 - Layout

If one of the plans is to customize the layout of the store, look for a professional web designer to assist in the visual transfer of the site.

But it is not recommended that the customization be done during the platform migration, since customers may find so many changes at the same time strange.

5 - SEO

SEO techniques should not be left out. Using keywords and good image description, for example, contribute to your e-commerce reach better positions in search engines like Google, improving the organic traffic rates of your store.

6 - 301 Redirection

O 301 Redirect is a status code that signals to Google that a URL is in a new location. That is, it ensures that no unwanted technical errors occur, just as it helps preserve the site's ranking and, as a result, the number of organic visits.

For this reason it is essential to maintain the keywords used in titles, URLs and product descriptions, and to monitor landing pages through platforms such as Google Analytics, for example. And thus understand if the traffic is following its usual flow.

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