Como o omnichannel aproxima sua empresa dos seus clientes

How does omnichannel bring your company closer to your customers?

In recent years, many companies have rethought their strategies amidst adversity and found in the integrated shopping experience, an opportunity for evolution and good results.

Omnichannel is increasingly being used to strengthen the relationship between online and offline, improving the consumer experience that is increasingly seeking faster, safer and more convenient shopping options. But do you know how this is possible? In this article we will talk about some aspects of omnichannel that brings your company closer to your customers.

The omnichannel concept

Quickly talking about omnichannel, it is a strategy that adopts various means of purchase providing a more complete experience to the consumer. It is possible to unite several channels such as your physical stores, social networks, e-commerce, app, and any other channel that is part of your sales strategy.

In addition, it encompasses a good experience, since the intention is that your customer has a unique and complete experience in any channel they choose to shop. In this sense omnichannel exceeds expectations, because it meets some consumer needs, mainly agility, versatility, and convenience.

Omnichannel as an Online2Offline solution

In the new context in which we live, online shopping registered a total increase of 112% in the 2nd quarter of 2020. Understanding the moment where consumers are going online and knowing the practicalities that this channel provides, it is possible to work with omnichannel not only to establish yourself in the online context, but also to improve the offline context. shopping experience offline.

The online presence can generate more sales in physical stores through the unification of stocks and make purchases easier through resources such as "click and collect", giving the customer the option to pick up his product at a nearby store with the intention of getting it in a few hours.

Americanas, for example, uses a very well executed omnichannel strategy, through express deliveries in up to 3 hours. This improvement in services is due to the availability of inventory from physical stores online in addition to the "buy and pick up in store the same day" format, also known as Pick-up store. In both formats, the customer has more convenience in receiving his product and the brand has greater reach and customer satisfaction.

In addition, the relationship with the customer is even closer, with better nutrition at each stage of the journey, engaging them with the brand and better understanding their pains and needs. In this sense, customization according to the characteristics of each consumer is an ally.

Another possibility is the adding new business modelsThe possibility of becoming an online marketplace and consequently increase your product mix through other sellers, or through a niche marketplace strategy, consolidating your specialized brand, if that is the case.

The importance of logistics in omnichannel

Logistics in an omnichannel strategy is extremely important, it is not enough to have a distribution center that is in charge of supplying all your stores. It is necessary to have a unified planning and a good execution.

For physical stores, there is the possibility to improve relationships and decrease customer frustration when they cannot find a product in stock. With the Infinite Shelf, the stock of your physical and e-commerce stores are integrated, making possible the delivery of the product, even if that store does not have stock, avoiding the abandonment of the purchase.

In e-commerce, the unified and integrated stock also has advantages, since it makes it possible to identify the delivery point closest to the customer and use the store to make the last mile. In other words, it is a way to use physical stores as a kind of logistics hub.

Whatever the logistics employed in your strategyWhatever the strategy, remember that the faster the delivery, the higher the customer satisfaction.

The convenience that omnichannel offers

Omnichannel is present in the market not only as a trend for companies, but as a preference for the user who is increasingly looking for agile, convenient, personalized, and immediate options.

Besides being interesting for physical stores, which can be part of a more elaborate strategy and increase sales through online. Online channels also win, with a better experience and an increased audience.

The customer also wins, as they have access to a process that gives them variable purchase and delivery options, as well as greater autonomy to choose the purchase options that are most compatible with their immediate needs.

Ready to insert omnichannel in your business?

Do you understand how omnichannel brings your company closer to its customers?

If you've gotten this far, you've surely realized that having a basic strategy for each channel doesn't make much sense considering how retail has evolved in the last year.

A well executed omnichannel strategy can bring great benefits to your business, both online and offline, and contribute significantly in a closer relationship with your customer.

Interested and want to start this strategy in your business? We have a team of experts with insights and a lot of experience to help you.

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