Como utilizar o Live commerce para alavancar suas vendas

How to use Live commerce to boost your sales

With the great growth in e-commerce brought on by the 2020 healthcare crisis, many factors have promoted innovation in the industry seeking to better exploit digitalization.

O e-commerce is widely used nowadays as a sales support sales support channel in many cases with the potential to become the main channel for revenue generation. For this it is necessary to understand all the immediacy of interaction, engagement, and direct sales that these digital channels can influence retail.

The idea is that in the future e-commerce be treated as a feature within the digital channels and not the most important medium.

For the consumer, before the crisis there was already a search for differentiated experiences that were positive, influenced especially by good service, relationship, and communication of the sales platforms.

Much of this was enhanced during the pandemic, bringing in 2020, in the period of 100 days, the increase of 5.7 million consumers to digital commerce in 2020..

It is important to adapt not only in moments of crisis, as it happened during the pandemic. What is correct is to say that what is necessary is innovateand omnichannel is all about strategy to repaginate your businessthinking about customer satisfaction.

In order to achieve satisfactory results, it is necessary to develop an intelligent intelligent digital strategyIn order to achieve the results in a satisfactory manner, it is necessary to develop an intelligent digital strategy, offering experiences that can centralize information in a complete and structured digital environment for the user.

Among the trends that have stood out with this considerable growth in e-commerce, the live commerce has gained space.

How are live broadcasts changing the shopping experience?

It emerged in China in 2016 with the launch of the first shopping event by Alibabathis trend consists of an online shopping experience. online shopping that offers consumers the possibility to interact live with influencers and sellers, so they can buy products directly from live broadcasts.

It is a trend that came to create a new experience experience and create new values for brands and retailers..

Responsible for accelerating conversion, it uses mental triggers by talking about discounts and promotions to attract sales. It also offers entertainment, which can influence the consumer in the buying experience.

It is an entertainment and immersion strategy, maintains views and also performs purchase conversions that can be 10 times greater than conventional e-commerce strategies.

This is a trend that will be in evidence during the year and, for sure, is worth the attention in the innovation process and in the conversion numbers that it can bring to business.

It is yet another example of how the digital evolution is ready to take us out of our traditional model of comfort and bring a whole new and different vision, not only for the consumer experience, but also for us as leaders.

Leverage your sales with Live Commerce!

To follow this new trend as a strategy for your digital business, it is important to follow some primary steps for sales success.

They are

  • Choose the right platform
  • It is important to select a live streaming platform to conduct Lives and that means it can be integrated with your e-commerce, or hosted on social media for free. Each of these options has different types of reach, depending on where the largest audience engaging your business is coming from.

  • Do some planning
  • Especially since it is live, it is important to plan carefully and not just rely on improvisation. To do this, you can decide in advance the format of the broadcast and make a plan for the Live schedule.

  • Don't forget to promote your event in advance
  • Have a good publicity campaign for your broadcast. It is important to send teasers about the event, notifications to customers and social media followers. For this it is important to stay aligned with your Marketing team, so you can invest in email notifications and promotions on different platforms in order to increase the number of viewers during the event.

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