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Concept: what does VTEX Headless Commerce mean?

As the years go by, new ways of doing business are emerging, making room for new business models and innovative technologies, such as headless commerce.

You may be satisfied with the way your e-commerce is structured, but this new way of creating a website may be the opportunity you've been looking for to further improve the user experience and have an operation that allows for scalability.

In this article we will present the concept of headless commerce and how to apply it in your virtual store, as well as its advantages and differentials. Enjoy your reading!

What is headless commerce?

The term headless commerce comes from the English language and means "headless commerce". It is basically a type of e-commerce in which the front-end, template, or head, is separate from the back-end programming of the e-commerce platform used.

It is worth remembering that the front-end is the part of the site that is seen by the user when accessing your e-commerce, i.e., it is the interface, the layout and everything that is accessible to provide navigation to your client. The back-end is the internal code that supports the system and makes the business rules available in full, and is an internal management system where the programmers operate.

A headless commerce platform allows easy installation and uninstallation of front-end components at any time, making the front and back-end autonomous.

For example, if you want to insert a new feature, chat for customer service, or a pricing system. This is possible thanks to integration via API (Application Programming Interface) that generates instructions that allow access and integration with third-party applications.

In addition, your store can have access to third-party apps or even create and integrate your own application, customizing layout, design, business model, and even the management of your e-commerce.

Why is headless commerce becoming popular?

As technology evolves to meet customer expectations, the structure of e-commerce also evolves and expands to more complete arrays, even allowing for channel integration, something that was not talked about when e-commerce first emerged.

To talk about channel integration and even omnichannel, it is necessary to understand that this business model requires a flexibility that headless commerce supplies very well, being able to execute changes with low costs and minimal risks.

In addition, this concept allows you to reduce innovation risks by reducing dependencies. In other words, if your brand wants to insert a new business strategy, your team can develop customized systems and make corrections more quickly than in a coupled system.

Platforms like VTEXfor example, offers this technology, with integration with CMS of choice, installation of third-party applications, and even the possibility of creating apps to create relevant experiences for your customers.

In short, the technique saves time and costs by enabling faster integrations, greater experience, and faster customizations.

Who is headless commerce for?

O headless commerce is an interesting solution for any company that wants to increase its e-commerce offering and experience. Companies that work with rapid change or are experiencing rapid growth, it is interesting to use headless commerce.

The headless concept is also an excellent option for companies that have more than one brand or portfolio divisions, as it allows you to create a unified front-end structure where the customer can browse the brands' sites without having to leave your domain.

Advantages of headless commerce

The constant growth of a company is only possible when it meets customer expectations, and this is very much linked to the operational model. Choosing an e-commerce platform that already adheres to this concept will make all the difference:

  • Agility to integrate with third party apps, ready and tested;
  • Innovation through the increment of apps and new business models;
  • Evolution by eliminating dependencies between front-end customer experiences and back-end systems;
  • Convenience by connecting applications through APIs;
  • Usability by modifying the layout and design of your store according to your demands;
  • Customization have the freedom to innovate your site experience and adopt new ways of doing business.
  • Omnicanality create sales experiences across multiple channels and manage them in one place.

The flexibility of a headless commerce platform ensures that your team of developers can build code, APIs, and third-party integrations with speed and autonomy, taking your e-commerce on an innovation curve to outpace the competition.

Like it and want to know more about how a headless platform can make your e-commerce much more flexible and versatile? Contact our experts to understand how to make your e-commerce stand out through headless commerce.
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