Como o Content Commerce foi primordial para o lançamento do site da Waaw by Alok

How Content Commerce was paramount to the launch of Waaw by Alok's website

The Scenario

In June 2022 it was recorded that e-commerce sites and applications had a total of 26.1 billion hits in the last 12 months. Studies estimate that by 2025 online sales will grow by 24.5%.

With the heated market and the digital transformation dictating the need for new devices and smart objects, the brand WAAW by Alok was born, bringing a new concept in audio to meet new consumers.

Built from a partnership between WAP, the largest consumer goods technology development company in Brazil, and Alok, the most heard Brazilian artist in the world, WAAW was born with the purpose of offering high quality products in the audio segment.

And to make it possible, both WAP and Alok trusted Codeby to develop a website that could deliver more than just a purchase, but an experience compatible with the WAAW brand identity.

The project

For this project we thought of the Content Commerce strategy, which relies on content experiences that connect the user to the buying environment. In other words, the goal was to develop a site that could deliver an experience compatible with the WAAW by Alok brand.

The client chose the Shopify platform, which was the best option because of its excellent development of projects for B2C stores. The timeframe for this project was also a challenge that Codeby's experts overcame in 40 days, successfully given the complexity of the project.

For the custom functionalities of the store, a "Customer Evaluation" function was developed.

In the "Customer Evaluation", a space was placed where the customer can leave comments and rate with stars from 1 to 5, about the quality of the product that was sold. This functionality allows the consumer to have credibility and become more confident about his buying experience, and the store.

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We have been in the market for over 7 years, changing the reality of large brands through customized technological solutions for online store environments.

We have been for 4 years among the MVP partners of the VTEX platform, besides being important partners of platforms like Shopify and LINX, with certified professionals in all these technologies.

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