Conheça a descrição de produto ideal para alavancar suas vendas

Know the ideal product description to boost your sales

Digital platforms can be excellent showcases for displaying your product and attracting public interest. However, it is necessary to take certain precautions, so that the goal of making sales is achieved. One of the most important details is the product description, since the consumer needs a guide before making decisions.

Besides a good description helping to close new business, it prevents you from having future problems, such as product returns, and prevents service channels from being overloaded. So you waste less time trying to work around unpleasant situations and can dedicate yourself more to the company.

Want to know what a product description should have and how you can make it more attractive? Read on!

What should a product description have?

Answering consumers' questions should be the entrepreneur's first concern. To do this, you can talk to the people who are constantly in contact with your customers, such as salespeople or attendants, and research the main questions on the Internet. The most common and relevant information is usually

  • price;
  • availability in stock
  • material
  • brand;
  • size.

Once this is done, your creativity and powers of persuasion come into play to create a unique description. Remember also to strategically include keywords during the process. They will help your site to be found by a qualified audience in search engines like Google.

How to make a compelling description?

In the following we have separated the main tips to help you in the product description process. Check it out!

Highlight the product's differentials

With so many products for sale on the Internet, you must show consumers why yours is the right choice. For example, if you sell backpacks and notice that one of the main complaints is the fragile stitching, then you can emphasize that your products have reinforced stitching. This detail is often overlooked by many, but it makes all the difference.

Explore the benefits that the product provides

Often, people cannot visualize how the differential of your product will benefit them. That is why it is essential that you describe it in more detail. It is no good just saying that your pressure washer has such a motor, for example. You must make it clear that it removes the heaviest dirt, such as in floor joints, more easily.

Use more humanized terms

Finally, when writing your description, you should never act like a robot. It is important to convey emotion in your words. An effective way to achieve this is to use sensory terms.

Instead of just saying that the fabric of the clothing is ideal for sports, you can add that it is so light that it feels as if the person is wearing nothing at all. Food companies often use this technique a lot. Who has never heard that chocolate X "melts in your mouth" or that cookie Y is "crunchy"? These words make people imagine the feeling when using the item.

Did you realize how making a well-crafted product description can bring you several benefits, including increasing your sales? Those who work with e-commerce know well that the cart abandonment rate is one of the most worrying factors. However, with an attractive description, you can win the customer on the sales page itself.

Enjoy your visit and read our other article about the most common mistakes in e-commerce and how to avoid them!

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